AI comes to smart auto, Hanwang’s recognition tech leads the tread

The GMIC 2017, held in Beijing in the end of April, is focusing on the most cutting-edge technology in the modern world — Artificial intelligence. Many giants in this field come and join this yearly event.

Automobile is transforming from a transportation vehicle to an intelligent terminal. In the future, automobiles embedding intelligent recognition technology will greatly change our lives. As a technology giant, Hanwang has been focusing on recognition field for nearly twenty years. Now it leads the trend by bringing its technologies and solutions into automotive field, and has successfully attracted the eyes of the media.

The solutions are: handwriting recognition input solution for infotainment, air inspection and purification, and face recognition.

The handwriting recognition input solution supports mixed input of English letters, Chinese characters and digits. It is applicable to over 70 languages, and is capable of recognizing even slant or overlapped sentence, which greatly facilitates the input efficiency. The solution has proven itself very stable and robust, making the infotainment system safe and secure.

Air inspection and purification solution can detect the PM2.5 and formaldehyde inside the car via Hanwang’s plug-in device or module, and then purify the air, making the journey more comfortable.

Face recognition solution can realize opening the door and starting the vehicle without a key. It can memorize the habit of the driver, and automatically adjust the inside environmental options according to the driver identity. During the journey, It can warn the driver on fatigue and dangerous behaviors, making the car more safer.

The cutting-edge technologies are expected to be applied in the new cars soon, making our future more wonderful.

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