Sleeve-a-Message expands into custom coaster printing

St. Louis, Missouri – Advertising operates a crucial role in business success. By spreading public knowledge of a company, sales skyrocket and brand recognition increases. Iconic brands and slogans become common household names, leading to heightened business recognition and, thus, sales. Most advertising comes in the form of television commercials and printed media (magazines, newspapers, flyers, etc.), and while these types of advertising are effective, they are common and expected. Unique methods of advertising can catch unexpected consumer attention.

Unexplored avenues of advertising can lead to the most notice due to its unexpected nature. Unique advertisements catch the eye of consumers and draw more attention than stereotypical business cards, billboards, and flyers. A strong yet unexplored route of advertisement is drink coasters and sleeves. With an inexpensive cost of production yet a wide audience range, coasters can be widely dispersed at business events, parties, and restaurants, yet are generally uncapitalized as routes of advertisement.

Choosing advertising companies and representatives can be tricky for the most mainstream of advertisement types, and becomes more complex with unique advertising. When selecting advertising companies, customer testimonials can serve as one of the most important and honest portrayals of company success and efficacy. The speed of printing offers an important factor to improve timeliness; while cute holiday drink sleeves, such as Valentine’s Day themed sleeves, may be in fashion, they become useless on February 15th. With high-speed printing presses, the advertisement offered through coasters and sleeves can remain relevant.

Custom beer coasters and drink sleeves are offered at Sleeve-a-Message. With the new expansion into custom coaster printing, offers a unique advertising service. With quick printing methods, products can remain timely and refer to current events, whether social and political mainstream news or current holidays.

Custom beer coasters and drink sleeves have appeal past advertisements. They can also be used to personalize an event. Weddings, birthdays, holidays, and office parties can be improved with commemorative coasters that can be taken home to remember and cherish important events. Cozy and comfortable cafés can benefit from the added touch of a personalized coffee or frappuccino sleeve, or bars can serve drinks on personalized coasters. With an in-house design software and fast printing technique, Sleeve-a-Message offers custom coaster printing to make any modern advertising campaign, business promotion, or large event distinct and memorable.

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