According to statistics, European women’s and men’s skin begin to enter into the anti-aging process at the age of 25 and 27, respectively. Anti-aging cosmeceuticals have been more and more favored in the market. Skin aging is the result of endogenous aging and exogenous aging. The initial anti-aging skin care products were mainly based on application of vitamin, such as the brand Dr. Brandt Skincare in America. At the beginning of the 21st century, extraction of active substance from plants had been widely used in the anti-aging skin care products, among which the brand SkinCeuticals was the most famous one. With the development of gene therapy and biological cell therapy technology, however, the biological cell therapy technology has been gradually applied to cosmeceuticals, among which the British brand ROSTHERNE is the representative.

ROSTHERNE is one of three main cosmeceutical brands (ROSTHERNE, HENLEAZE and VINSTRA) of EVIGT SOLSKIN COSMECEUTICALS CO., LTD. Different from the three elements of anti-aging namely precaution, protection and restoring emphasized by SkinCeuticals, ROSTHERNE focuses more on four dimensions namely restoring, fading, activation and strengthening for anti-aging research, and pays more attention to the main direction of refreshing normal physiological function of cell by human cell engineering and biomedical technology, so that youth could be continued fundamentally.


The story behind ROSTHERNE brand

ROSTHERNE brand originated from Rostherne Mere, the British National Nature Reserve and seclusion of the nobility for more than a hundred years, behind which “the legend of immortal mermaid” could be found. The Doctor of Medicine Jones and the aristocratic princess Ansel escaped from the manor for love and lived a displaced life. In order to make Ansel who became toilworn day by day rejuvenative, Dr. Jones came to Rostherne Mere each Easter to wait the mermaid who could give the secret of being immortal. Finally, he heard the lively bell under the water and saw rebirth of all things, so he extracted the most original anti-aging product from the native plant around the lake and let Ansel recover her youth look. They established a clinic of love to remember the mermaid with gratitude for her gift. The land around the clinic was planted with many roses, so that their love could be transmitted and the beauty could be lasting.

The anti-aging products of ROSTHERNE were developed by a group of professional dermatologists and researchers in the fields of cell, molecular biology and biophysics. And a series of effective anti-aging products were developed by them with their unique cell activation and regeneration technology as the core technology. The unique new technology of Renee Expert TM combines various plant stem cells, EGF, yeast extract, coenzyme Q10 and other anti-aging and anti-oxidation products with theory of biological cell medicine, and realizes promotion of 3D anti-aging by its superb technology. It fully activates collagen and makes the damaged skin recover its vitality.

The anti-aging effect of ROSTHERNE has been spread from England to the whole world. Today, ROSTHERNE has been introduced into America, France, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Hong Kong successively. It has been increasingly praised highly by dermatologists, medical cosmetology industry and customers worldwide. ROSTHERNE constantly explores the active anti-aging elements of the ultimate effect with a rigorous scientific attitude, keeps its leading position in the anti-aging industry, and transmit Dr. Jones’s spirit of “Sharing love, lasting beauty”.

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