Seek Inspiration for a Home Makeover with Flooring from Premiere Flooring America in Metairie, LA

Most people have a budget for a home remodeling project. Take advantage of Premiere Flooring America in Metairie, LA’s, $500 rebate offer and save on select styles of Tigressa carpets. With carpeting that costs less, there is more money for the remodel.

One of the most cost-effective ways to remodel a home is to add new flooring, which gives a space a fresh new look with the chance to add color, style, and curb appeal. From May 4 until June 25, Premiere Flooring America in Metairie, LA, is offering the chance for an instant rebate on purchases. Buy certain styles of Tigressa carpeting and Baroque flooring and get a $500 instant rebate.

Tigressa is a well-known and much-loved brand of carpeting that is valued for its softness and strength. Premiere Flooring America includes three styles of Tigressa in this rebate offer–SoftStyle, Cherish, and H20.

SoftStyle is carpeting that is a delight to walk on with bare feet; it is just that soft. However, this style also engineered to be resilient. The carpet fibers do not crush when walked upon; instead, they bounce back.

Cherish is flooring that is plush and soft. Choose a color from the beautiful palette and feel confident that the color does not fade. Cherish and other styles of Tigressea are made with recycled materials.

H2O is waterproof carpeting that is ideal for families with children and pets. This carpeting is waterproof, so spills, stains, and pet accidents do not mar the beauty or ruin the flooring. The backing material is the secret to this carpet’s durability.

For those who prefer a hard flooring surface, ask the design and sales professionals at Premiere Flooring America about Baroque flooring. This is hardwood flooring with gorgeous detail and style.

For more information, call 504-509-5204, or visit their website.

Premiere Flooring America proudly serves the communities of Metairie, New Orleans, Kenner, Destrehan, and Norco, Louisiana, as well as the surrounding areas.

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