Three months ago Paul Turner knew nothing about trading Forex and actually still knows very little. This doesn’t stop him making an income from his cell phone and doubling his trading account from new in just 20 days. Now he wants to share this with the UK and rest of the world.

London, UK – 27th April, 2017 – On the 18th April 2017, a company that takes Forex trading down to copy and paste trading strategy anyone can use to make money was launched in the UK.

“Like many people I had aspirations beyond working for someone else all my life and wanted to enjoy time freedom. That lead me to a network marketing career, but it’s really tough out there – it’s quite a learning curve.”

Turner found it a constant struggle to build big enough teams to make a decent amount of income.

“I worked hard to have my breakthrough but to find similar people willing to do the work or are willing to wait for the results to come is quite a task. And many of these programs require selling or recruiting – that’s why I am so excited by iML.”

iMarkets Live is a three and a half-year-old established company that provide Forex trading signals. Forex is the process of exchanging one currency for another and profiting from the differing values of each as they change according to the news or just natural rises and falls, and everyday around 5.3 TRILLION dollars are exchanged.

Usually analysing these trends in order to profit takes the time to learn and is a skill. This is where iML have made it easy for everyone.

“What they have achieved ranges from common sense to incredible,” says Paul Turner

From completely hands free solutions to copy and paste and to a complete Forex education if you want it the company provide it all.

The Fusion trader links your account to an expert trader and copies their trades on your account – it doesn’t get any easier.

Forex Signals are provided for copy and pasting into an app on your phone.

The Harmonic Scanner search the markets 24 hours a day on your behalf to find trades you can place . . . and there is also live instruction as well as Forex trades provided by the CEO of the company.

Now Paul is on a mission to expand these tools in the UK as well as the rest of the world.

To see how you can benefit, please reach out to Paul:

Paul Turner
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Skype: paulturner3

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