Jin Jidosha Kenya Reports Highest Used Car Sales Record in 2016

Nairobi, Kenya – Jin Jidosha showed its excellence last year with the highest used car sales record in 2016 reported in Jin Jidosha’s Annual Report for the yearend. Moreover, the brand has achieved massive growth in its retail sales and the company’s market share has also improved exponentially, better than any other full-line auto traders in the said year, outpacing the industry.

Dealing in export business of high-quality Japanese used automobiles, Jin Jidosha has gained global reputation and goodwill since its inception. The massive sales record has contributed significantly to the GDP growth of Kenya with an excellent contribution to the overall Kenyan economy.

It is not the first time that Jin Jidosha has surprised its shareholders, team members, product suppliers and competitors with its outstanding performance; the brand has consistently focused on customer values and corporate social responsibility. With the ever growing consumer demand for used automobiles, new products continue to drive and improve the overall sales. After comparing the annual reports for past five years of Jin Jidosha, it can be assumed that the business will continue to expand with better performance for one more decade without any setback.

“These are our core values that motivate us to follow our vision and direct us in fulfilling our mission,” commenting on the sales record, the Managing Director of Jin Jidosha stated, “It has been the most productive year for us with an instrumental increase in both: the market share and annual sales records. We aim to consistently surpass our goals by offering more convenient payment procedures, faster delivery services, and improved customer satisfaction.”

Jin Jidosha, exporter of used Japanese automobiles, started to render its services in 1997. It is one of the world’s leading automobile exporters and is globally renowned. Providing premier quality automobiles, the brand is best known for hassle-free transactions and delivery procedures at affordable prices. With a team of individuals coordinating diligently at a personal level with each customer, the company ensures high-quality customer service and satisfaction.

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