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It’s not hard for food lovers to notice just about every food app out there today spends much more time looking at the restaurant, the service – on just about everything, but the quality of the food itself. Munchee is an exciting new food review app that takes a different approach by remaining completely focused on the food itself, giving owners a chance to let their star dishes sign. The app is available for download Now!

The number of people who connect online purely motivated by their passion for food can be breathtaking. While there have been apps that address this community, surprisingly, most have seemed to lost focus on the thing that matters most – great food reviews of interesting dishes – and instead have found themselves reviewing the restaurant themselves.

Munchee is an innovative app set to change all that, focused on food first and foremost, and delivering cool features like compiling local lists of favorite dishes and who’s serving them that can make going out for a great slice of pizza, burger or steak simple, quick and fun.  With all the content being produced users themselves.  Beta users of the app have responded with extreme enthusiasm to the news.

“Only food matters,” commented Munchee’s cofounder – an XGoogler – “Our rival apps seem like they get distracted by everything, but food.  Our users know they can jump on check out reviews, comments and prices on whatever food their interested in going out to eat, go through our honest, user-generated content and end up eating a kick ass meal shortly after.  All this is backed up by user generated photos so our users can check out what the plates look like before hand, which can help make the decision of where to eat much.”

According to Munchee, the different food-centric approach the app takes to delivering content separates it in a very dramatic way from its main competition like Yelp.  The “only food matters” approach certainly makes it very clear where Munchee differs from Yelp, in a way many feel is for the better.

Early reviews from customers have been passionate across the board.

Jason C., from San Diego, recently said in a five star reviews, “I really love Munchee.  Yelp was okay, but we would have to always go through a bunch of garbage before we found the information we needed.  Munchee removes all that nonsense and dives right into what we want most as foodies – honest reviews of amazing food.”

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