Best-selling Author launches online book writing and publishing training course -The Power of Your Story

Learn to overcome the challenges authors face in writing and publishing their books with a two-day book publishing intensive

Writing and publishing can be a pain in the ass, yet many people make a living out of it.  Many of the barriers related to entering the publishing world have been drastically reduced by the internet. Yet, it’s still challenging to write a story that hasn’t already been told – let alone, marketing and selling it.

There are several challenges that potential authors must face and overcome when deciding to tell their story in the form of a book. Some of these challenges could be:

  • What to write.

Most upcoming authors have the experiences, lessons learned, failures, triumphs and successes which they would want to include in their book. But for one reason or the other, they have not been able to adequately outline ideas in a meaningful and purposeful way. The challenge to be overcome is to tap into the power of the story in such a way that it transforms the lives of those who read it.

  • The Competition.

Though the internet has made it easy for authors to get maximum exposure for their stories, it has also created lots of competition among tons of authors across the globe.  As easy as it may be for the average person to find the information they need in a book, it is just as easy for many authors to put their books in front of the average person – making the marketplace extremely noisy. The challenge then becomes – How do you, as an aspiring author, stand out amongst the crowd of existing authors?

  • Finding Buyers for the Book(s).

Selling copies of stories to friends and family will only get an author so far.  Eventually, a following would be needed to get traction for the book.  One great challenge new authors face despite the lower barriers of market entry is getting maximum “buzz” for their book.

  • Reaching the Right Audience efficiently.

For authors who are largely unknown, getting the right traction quickly can be an uphill battle.  It can also take a lot of time for people to notice their content on a blog or social channels. A strategy must be in place to position the book so that the right audience can easily and quickly get access to the book.

Sherica Matthews, a best-selling author, life engineer and relationship coach, has recently launched an online book writing and publishing training course which she captioned ‘The Power of Your Story’. This would be a two-day intensive training course for upcoming authors who are having some of the challenges highlighted above or more.

The training would take place via live streaming for interested participants who care to enroll. Many of the issues related to book writing and publishing would be critically analyzed and trashed out to ensure that every upcoming author who attends the training leaves fulfilled.

The training would commence on the 6th and 7th of May. Also, there are special bonuses for those who enroll – which include:

  • Private Strategy Session to help you create a custom strategy for publishing your book. (valued at $197).
  • Building Relationships for Success – Audio Course (valued $197).
  • Autographed copy of Engineering Faith Book (valued $20).

For more information on how to enroll and more benefits attached to the training, visit

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