Story of a Real-Life Samurai & His Real-Life Witch Mother

12 year old filmmaker needs help to release the greatest untold story in history

April 28, 2017 – Inspiring knows no age groups and no limitations and therefore, Natalie Hayashi, a 12 year old Executive Director of Natalie Productions has announced that she will be seeking community support to raise funds for her dream project, a documentary style movie on her reality based story. This inspiring movie will be about the untold real life story of her father a Samurai Wizard and her grandmother, a real life practicing Witch. Ken Hayashi, aka the Samurai Wizard who is also the father of Natalie had both parents that were a wizard and a Witch.

“I am encouraging all real fans of witchcraft and wizardry to show their support to fund my dream and project,” said Natalie, the 12 year old producer of this amazing docudrama style movie. “People that want to know the truth about the real life story that inspired J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series and characters are welcome to back my project on Go Fund Me and I promise I will not let them down,” she added. Besides being a 12 year old filmmaker, Natalie Hayashi is a classically trained in ballet, had reached the title of ‘Prima Ballerina’ at age 10, among 150 other performers and a performance in front of 3,000 audience members.

“This is a true story of my father. And my grandmother, a real practicing witch and all the real witches. Facts are facts, whether you people don’t like it or not. I’ll just let all you ignorant people, just keep reading the fantasy story and live your life with your head stuck in the sand,” said Natalie. Moreover, she has also uploaded the trailer of her film on YouTube, which she edited all by herself. This 12 year old inspiring little girl is hoping for generous support and contributions for her dream project and is welcoming everyone to help get her story heard.

In order to make her dream come true, the adorable Natalie is doing a $500,000 fundraising via

To help this 12 year old girl achieve her dreams to be a movie director, please visit the link below: 

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