Welcoming an Antique Furniture Upholstery Restoration Service in Glasgow: 1st Class Upholstery

1st Class Upholstery welcomes all clients interested in antique furniture upholstery restoration. A Glasgow upholstery service that brings any furniture back to its original look or improves it.

Antique furniture is a valuable asset to have. These pieces are works of art on their own and they can fit beautifully even in contemporary interiors. 1st Class Upholstery is a company dedicated to antique furniture upholstery restoration and they have a workshop in Glasgow. Now every person, who owns such an exquisite piece, can revive its original beauty.

The upholstery professionals at 1st Class Upholstery believe there is always room for growth. Their upholsterers are always up for a challenge of not only restoring the glorious look of a furniture piece, but actually improving it. Lynda Henderson, who founded the company 30 years ago, says that she “loves seeing antique pieces restored and made beautiful again”. The team takes after her in their dedication to make every order as perfect as possible.

1st Class Upholstery Glasgow offers a variety of services that address every possible issue that can occur with antique furniture, including:

• Sofa repair
• Padding replacement
• Spring enhancement
• Leather sofa upholstery replacement

Detailed breakdown of every service and other helpful information is available at the company’s website: www.1stclassupholstery.com/glasgow/upholstery

Benefits of Investing in Antique Furniture Upholstery

Restoring a piece of privately-owned antique furniture to enhance one’s interior design isn’t the only reason to seek out this type of service. It can remove stains, prolong the life of your furniture for decades and generally make you value your home. Many customers have been thrilled with the level of service from 1st Class Upholstery.

Many customers have come to Lynda in the past asking for a furniture restoration project and have been absolutely thrilled with the results. Why do they get such great success though? Lynda said “I just love seeing furniture being brought back to its original form or even better. We work tirelessly to get our customers results.”

1st Class Upholstery is an antique furniture restoration service with years of history. The company provides a wide range of repair, cleaning, and restoration services and can fix any type of furniture, regardless of its age and condition. 1st Class Upholstery also offers a chance to redesign an antique piece in order to make it a perfect fit for a home.

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Company Name: 1st Class Upholstery
Contact Person: Lynda Henderson
Email: info@1stclassupholstery.com
Phone: +44 800 652 1723
Address:Unit 20, 96 Caledonia Street, Dixon Blazes Industrial Estate
City: Glasgow, G5 0XG
Country: United Kingdom
Website: www.1stclassupholstery.com