Help Power the Future with the Innovative Air-to-Electricity Microgrid

Currently, energy is both costly, as companies charge exorbitant rates, and non-renewable. Luckily, the Monkeytech International’s new Microgrid promises to fix these inadequacies.

In this day and age, many issues surround the way energy is generated and distributed. First and foremost, current energy generation relies on non-renewable fuels – such as oil, coal, natural gas, and uranium – that are both unsustainable and detrimental to the environment. Additionally, the companies that provide energy to the people are overcharging due to the vital role electricity plays in modern society.

Finally, the infrastructure associated with energy generation and transportation is costly, prone to failure resulting in blackouts, and susceptible to attacks in areas experiencing conflict and violence. In order to rectify these problems is Monkeytech International LLC, a small tech startup that promises to provide clean and cheap power with their brand new Air-to-Electricity Microgrid.

This innovative piece of technology combines a renewable energy source and portability to create a truly versatile energy generation and storage system. Every self-contained unit has the ability to generate and store energy using renewable resources found in the atmosphere as well as compressed heat. Energy is primarily generated using the resources pulled from the atmosphere. However, the compressed heat is available for use when these elements can not be collected or used.

The method of generation is not expensive or incredibly difficult, and as such energy can be sold back to the population at an incredible $0.05 kwh. In addition, every Microgrid has the capacity to collect the resources necessary for energy generation, then store them for future use. When combined with their small size, this ability makes the Air-to-Electricity incredibly mobile, and as such, it is suitable for a variety of uses. These include vehicles such as cars, unmanned drones, bases or camps, and – if scaled correctly– entire cities.

The Air-to-Electricity microgrid has the opportunity to not only provide an incredibly versatile energy, it also promises to bring new innovations to the study of energy generation and storage that could revolutionize the future. However, there exists a roadblock that prevents Monkeytech International from bringing this innovative technology to the world: funding. Up to now, the team behind the Air-to-Electricity Microgrid have been able to design, begin the patent process, and partially test the Microgrid with their own funds. Sadly, these funds are drying up, and there are still several steps that must be completed before the Microgrid can be fully released to the masses. In order to generate the necessary funds and continue their important work, the team at Monkeytech International has turned to Indiegogo. With reader support, the Air-to-Electricity Microgrid can be fully funded and developed, making cheap and renewable energy that much more accessible for people around the world.

For more information, visit the Air-to-Electricity Microgrid Kickstarter campaign page.

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