Tuputech Interpretation: How AI Technology Helps to Avoid Artificial Negligence

Recently, the event of “live video of murdering” on Facebook has caused an uproar, and some artificial errors still exist though Facebook has made great efforts in content filtering. In this event, the murder “cleverly” uploaded a live video without big problem firstly as disguise that successfully escaped from Facebook staffs’ examination, so that the illegal video was found by administrative staffs in two hours after being uploaded. Before the “murdering event”, Facebook had also been criticized by the public because the administrative staffs didn’t discover the pornographic images of children uploaded by a user from the photo album. Facebook has made a self-criticism for these two events, and Zuckerberg also expressed sorry for this “murdering event” in F8 Conference. But there is no doubt that such events have still deeply damaged the corporate image of Facebook.

It happens that there is a similar case. Before the event of “live video of murdering” on Facebook, the communication software What’s APP was banned by the Brazilian government because it’s suspected of spreading pornographic images of children. Some strippers and porn stars sold short pornographic videos by Snapchat after its payment function Snapcash was introduced. It could be seen from this that, major social media have made efforts in content filtering, but they are still unable to deal with the illegal content in time due to various reasons.

The reason for neglecting to take precautions

Why does audit delay repeatedly on the social media platforms?

It is necessary to mention that the way of “artificial review” has been adopted for content review on most social media platforms. The first necessary question of using artificial review is “artificial error”. Based on simply understanding, artificial error is insurmountable and inborn “inborn and” of human. Physiological fatigue and missed judgement are inevitable only by artificial review in face of thousands of picture and videos each day. In addition, most malicious users may choose to upload illegal images and videos late at night in order to avoid the risk of content being deleted, which has also become an important reason for administrative staffs being unable to deal with illegal content timely. What’s more, some users even mix legal content with illegal content so as to achieve the purpose of “trying to deceive everybody”.

Artificial intelligence helping to avoid risk

With the advent of the era of artificial intelligence, machine has been able to do most content filtering work. An artificial intelligence company named Tuputech has made remarkable achievements in the field of content filtering. The company successfully cooperated with social media or live streaming customers such as musical.ly, Blued and Bilibili just in three years. Tuputech has realized recognition service of hundreds of billions of images with accuracy rate up to 99.5% for they have many customers on well-known live streaming and social platforms. Images could be reviewed uninterruptedly in 24 hours a day with image recognition technology by machine, and illegal images could be recognized timely and accurately. They largely save customers’ human input on content filtering, and also respect customers’ subjective initiative better. It is important that they also support flexible combinations of interfaces so as to meet customization requirements of different customers.

More details could be seen in their official website: https://us.tuputech.com/

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