Not Just Spicy! A New Fan Favorite Emerged in Spicy World

Have you heard about “1998 Szechuan Sauce”?

According to an article in the April 1st edition of the China Press newspaper, the “1998 Szechuan Sauce” catapulted to fame in America, stating even that the “1998 Szechuan Sauce” sold out at the price of $14,700.

“1998 Szechuan Sauce” once appeared in the movie Rick and Morty. By the fame of Rick and Morty, “1998 Szechuan Sauce” got a lot of attention, it became even as famous as Lan Ganma chilli paste. Since then, Chinese spices have been highly sought-after by international food connoisseurs.

When it comes to the Chinese spices, Sichuan’s hot pot and Chinese special snack food Spicy Gluten are regarded as typical representatives.

In New York, San Francisco, London, Paris and Sydney where Chinese gathered, many consumers search for “hot-pot” like crazy all over “Chinatown” at the price of $50-$150. It was even said that so many netizens was collecting the ranking of spicy hot-pot. The widespread of Sichuan Spices astonished everyone.

Except the hot-pot, Chinese special snack food Spicy Gluten also gained popularity because of tasting video. There was a netizen even said that he would send a bag of Spicy Gluten to his girlfriend for a proposal.

The speed of delicious food’s spread always exceed one’s imagination. Among various flavors, spice gets preference of international food connoisseurs. Besides the Chinese spice, the spices from Thailand, South Korea, India, Republic Indonesia, Malaysia and Mexico are also the necessary flavorings for many people. Each kind of spice has its own peculiarity. Thailand Tom yum, South Korea’s kimchi, Indian Bhut Jolokia and Mexican chili sauce taste so spicy that drive one crazy in different way!

Recently, a certain kind of Szechuan noodle – Akuan made in Sichuan, China became an internet sensation after the “costly spicy sauce.” It is said that many interesting videos about the tasting of Akuan go viral in Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

One of the videos said that three foodies cannot help but jumping into swimming pool after eating Akuan noodle. And another video said that a girl almost broke up with her boyfriend because the boy had entrapped his girl into tasting Akuan. Even thought Akuan’s spicy flavor drove many foodies crazy, yet two men who had ate Akuan said with tears that they wanted another box of Akuan.

Because of the influence of Akuan, Sichuan food regained the international attention. “if all of Sichuan’ s delicious food is mainly about spicy flavor?” a netizen asked in Twitter.

Actually, according to related reports, Sichuan Cuisine contain many other flavors. There was an article in internet said that a Chinese college student sold Jian Bin Guo Zi the special products of Sichuan, China on market stall at the price of hundreds of dollars and its flavor isn’t spicy at all.

Except that, Sichuan’s Cuisine Such as kung pao chicken (frying with ingredients of fresh chicken, dried pepper, onions, vinegar, salt, cooking wine, ginger and garlic), poached spicy slices of pork (frying and boiling with ingredients of pork, pepper, dried chili, salt, sesame oil, ginger and garlic) and home-made bean curd (frying with minced pork in pepper sauce, salt, ginger and garlic), Sichuan’s snack like Dandan noodles (a traditional type of Sichuan noodles with specially-made pepper sauce) and bean noodles in chili sauce from the north of Sichuan both bring about international prestige and so many international food connoisseurs addicted to them.

Perhaps, on one can describe a kind of delicious food as a simple flavor. Most of them is made in different method and by mixing of different ingredients. When so many wonderful flavors mixed in a perfect way, the ultimate delicacy will be created.

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