PromoBox WP Plugin – One-stop Innovative WP Plugin for Enhancing Business’s revenue with Amazon deals, product offers and Affiliate sales.

PromoBox is a WP plugin made by Yoedi, an expert in digital marketing. PromoBox WP plugin features the ability to display the latest Amazon Deals on any WordPress Site, based on the selected category, not to mention the function to display any personal offers beside the Amazon offers.

When it comes to online business, product sales, affiliate income and Amazon affiliate are considered among those that can gain one’s maximum revenue. Based on that comes the demand for a new product called PromoBox WP Plugin.

PromoBox is a WordPress Plugin that can automatically generate Amazon Deals content and then display it on one’s website to boost not only Amazon income but any product offer’s and affiliate revenue. Since it is a WordPress Plugin, people do have to possess one WordPress site that is self-hosting with the private domain. One little note is that it would not function in blog.

Some features worth mentioning are:

Real Time Amazon GoldBox by Category: This plugin can display the real-time Amazon Goldbox deals on one’s WP site. People who use the plugin can choose the product category to adapt with the website’s contents. As a result, people only have to enter Amazon tracking ID and no longer have to update it on a daily basis. One plus feature is it can display product’s price, list’s price and percentage of the discount which will earn viewer’s interest and retention.

Cool Animated Popup: This eye-catching feature will attract visitor’s retention and attention. The animation effects built-in could make the popup attractive. Besides, people can schedule the time to display the popup from the software’s panel.

Notification Box: This feature is for users who are not fond of popup. People can select notification box to display the offers. Also, users can select the box’s position on top or bottom or anywhere in the site.

12 Animation Effects: These effects are already built-in the software to modify the popups or any of the graphic sectors when displaying deals and offers on WP sites.

Unlimited Color Schemes: With this function, people can choose to manually configure the color to the deals unlimited or using the color picker to let the software automatically done it.

Straightforward Plugin Panel: The plugin comes with user-friendly interface. People can freely configure what to display from color, animation, etc. to the site. People can also place Amazon deals or personal deal in here without the need for coding skill.

Display any personal offers with private links: PromoBox is possible to show one’s offers besides Amazon deals. People can place their affiliate links, links to sales page or landing page, etc.

Unlimited Content Offers: This is for someone who want to show their personal content offers instead of Amazon GoldBox Deals. They can add unlimited contents into one offers. Then, they can also choose to show it by date (Schedule) or randomly.

According to Yoedi – the product creator, PromoBox WP Plugin is firstly ideal for boosting Amazon Affiliate Income when people only need to select the category, insert on affiliate link then configure the display to get commission when anyone purchase any items through their sites. Secondly, it can enhance product sales where people need only to include their product as offers. Finally is the enhancement with affiliate sales, people can add their affiliate links, enter the title, short description, input the image and link. The plugin then will automatically configure them to attract viewer’s attention.

Besides the ability to display deals, PromoBox is able to display it on cool animated popups or notification box for the purpose of attracting visitor attention. This thereby increases the conversion rates and raise business, sales, Amazon earnings and affiliate sales.

People can seek for more detail inside PromoBox WP Plugin Review.

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