Learn How to Fully Utilize Government Services With 2nd Life

The U.S. government offers numerous programs that provide critical assistance, however using them can be confusing. Luckily, 2nd Life is here to educate others on these vital services.

California, USA – In the United States, the poverty line is set at $23,580 a year for a family of four individuals. This income may seem astronomically small and unliveable for such a large group of people, and yet U.S. Census data indicates that over 16% of the population lives on or below the poverty line. To combat this, the government offers numerous problems that aim to aid those in need.

These programs help provide things like food, healthcare, housing, and employment services to people who need the help to survive. Sadly, many of these programs are locked behind application processes that can be confusing for some people. Help is found through legal aid and independent services that charge up to 50% of the funds received by the applicant.  Here to help make both the process of applying and using these government programs easy, affordable and accessible is 2nd Life.

2nd Life is an online service that aims to help people get the aid they need by providing helpful tutorials on signing up for and fully utilizing government assistance programs. Each tutorial is presented in an aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand animated video that thoroughly explains the concepts while avoiding unnecessary information that can become confusing.

Additionally, each video is created for a particular state and county, meaning that the information is relevant to each user’s specific situation. This distinction has to lead to a very high retention rate of 85% among 2nd Life users, a large advantage over the retention of reading only learners: 40%. 2nd Life is available online and in both the Google and iOS app stores, ensuring that their tutorials are available to a large amount of the population.

2nd Life can teach people about government assistance, allowing them to fully take advantage of services that can improve their standard of living. However, funding remains an issue. 2nd Life currently offers tutorials for the 58 counties of California on General relief, the most significantly used of all social services, however, the resounding success of these early efforts has motivated them to expand their services into the other 49 states and the full scope of services as in housing, nutritional supplementation and Medicaid, a task that will require hard work and research. To raise funds necessary to complete this work, which would allow 2nd Life to offer its full scope of services to all 58 of California’s counties, 2nd Life has turned to Kickstarter. With reader support, 2nd Life will be able to reach an even larger number of people, thus allowing them to get the help they need.

For more information, visit the 2nd Life Kickstarter page.

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