Born In a Living Hell – Shedding light on the truth about abuse

“Born In a Living Hell” by Darlene Clark
Darlene Clark opens up about the abuse she had to endure and hopes to inspire people with her book “Born In a Living Hell”.

Abuse is something people do not like talking about. Everyone agrees it is wrong, but hardly anybody ever speaks up. It is an uncomfortable topic, yet talking about it could save some people’s lives. Darlene Clark’s first memories of life have to do with the abuse she and her twin sister had to go through.

Her sister, for example, was once made to undress herself and then she was put in front of the house – in snowy conditions. She ended up in hospital. As a child and teenager, Darlene had to endure what her family dished out. She now opens up about her young years to show other people that abuse is never all right and that it is important to talk about it.

The aim of “Born In a Living Hell” by Darlene Clark is not to take revenge on the people who abused the author – the names of people have been changed. She would like to make people understand what happens to the victims of abuse and how important it is to speak up if you suspect someone is being abused. She wants people to learn from her story – victims and non-victims alike.

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