Camtasia Mastery 9: New Training Course Helps Creating Better Videos And Keeping Viewers Engaged

Camtasia Mastery 9
Videos marketing is the vital aspect for successful businesses. Great videos with high-quality to engage, entertain customers require great tools to make such as Camtasia 8 & 9. However, to master those software require such lot time. That’s come the present of Camtasia Mastery 9.

Camtasia has long been recognized as the world’s first screen capture video creation software for windows. The software is powerful yet very complicated for beginner to make great video. In an attempt to leverage the full capability of Camtasia and help people making videos faster and better at video creation, Ron Hogue, creator of Camtasia Mastery, has teamed up with Lon Naylor, the go-to guru for Camtasia to create a road map from what is hidden inside and guide people on how to make videos faster, simpler and better with Camtasia. That guideline is called Camtasia Mastery 9.

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Camtasia Mastery 9 is a complete step-by-step training course on how to leverage the hidden power and unturn every possible features of Camtasia 8 & 9 so people will find exactly what they need to create videos faster and much better. Camtasia studio can help people make videos on Windows PC in a short time with these templates tips and training sessions.

Inside people taking this course will receive already made templates such as Logo Revealer, Youtube End Card and Call to Action. Over 7 hours of training as Ron will guide people through learning all the major elements of the Camtasia Studio software are also included. The instructional video are all in mp4 format that can be downloaded and watch on any device. Along with all of these above comes the 30-day guarantee where people get expert training or get a full refund.

People using Camtasia Mastery 9 Training Course will get the complete process. The course begin with where to download the Camtasia Studio software program and how to install it, to plan the videos, to record the screen and audio, to edit the video and audio and ultimately produce the video and upload it.

Next, the trainee will learn how to record audio, edit it and how to apply noise removal to make the audio as clear as possible to enhance the video’s quality.

Learning this, people can cut the editing time by a third. It comes with tips and tricks to save time and get the videos produced faster. Every progress from keyboard shortcut for recording and editing to applying changes across multiple clips at once will get faster.

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People can learn about several different video terms and settings such as aspect ratio, compression, file formats, resolution and FPS (frames per second). Along with this is the tips for video settings to have the best experience without massive file size issue.

In order to catch the attention of video’s viewers, this also teach people how to clean up the desktop, add branding, remove interuption and elimite browser histories to not distract the viewer.

Some real-world assignments are also recorded and included inside for people to learn an reinforce what they learn.

Finally, the course also showcase people about the pros and cons of free and paid video hosting services that people can use to upload videos. Camtasia Mastery 9 is ideal for any types of video online such as sales videos, training videos, testimonial videos.

James Young, a beta tester of Camtasia Mastery 9 said: “This course is as good as it gets! After completion of this course anyone who is able to create videos using what is taught in this course will truly be (as indicated by the course title) a Master of Camtasia. There is so much information in this course that I was a little overwhelmed. This course will truly teach you what a really AWESOME software Camtasia is. Unbelievable the things that you can do with video using the techniques taught in this course. Highly Recommended.”

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