100 INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES – Inspiration and advice from some of the wisest minds of history

“100 INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES” by Michel F. Bolle
Michel F. Bolle‚Äôs “100 INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES” will help you to achieve a successful and happy life!

Sometimes, you don’t want to read a long self-help book when you are in a bad mood or in need of inspiration. Sometimes, all you need is a short, crisp statement that goes right to the point. No fluff, no teary eyed success stories, no winded explanations, no not-so-secret secrets, and no advice that can come across as patronizing.

Michel F. Bolle knows these moments and he knows that the wisest minds on this planet have already provided us with quotes that can make a real difference in people’s life. He has done the work for you and has studied the works of masterminds, philosophers, inspiring authors, world leaders, and other fascinating characters to find the best quotes for your low moments.

If you are looking for motivation, inspiration, a word to cheer you up, or just something to make you think, you should pick up “100 INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES” by Michel F. Bolle. The collection presents some of the most powerful quotes from well known people in an easily accessible way. There is no fluff to distract you from the powerful statements. You can open the book at any page and will find something that has value and can make a real difference in your life if you take some time to really think about the meaning behind the quotes.

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