USA Coffee Market Shifts, Poor Earnings call For Starbucks As Best Roast Coffee Company Expands

“The Best Roast Coffee CEO, anything but conventional. Arrives in Seattle World Coffee Expo with his 4 Yorkshire Terriers pictured at RE:CO Coffee Symporium.”
Best Roast Coffee announces Carbon Free Coffee, and Encourages All companies to make One Planet One World their Focus. If the Coffee Industry is the Second largest Traded commodity in the world then Lets Help all in the Supply Chain Live a Happy Life and benefit from the Coffee industry.

The National Coffee Association of America (NCA) has released its 2017 drinking trends report and it shows the largest one-year increase of past-day espresso beverage consumption in the reports history. According to this report released by the NCA, millennials have created a large market shift in daily coffee drinking trends. Signs traditional coffee is no longer popular are coming to light as Starbucks missed it’s earnings call, after earlier in the year announcing a reduction of it’s 2017 forcasts earnings by almost 50%, the company still fell short. The annual revenue generated by the US Daily coffee drinkers sector is over $32 Billion per year, in and industry worth over 100 billion per year to the USA economy.  The millennial’s are now playing major role and they vote with their dollar, and their vote is for gourmet coffee. 

“More of us are drinking coffee, and younger consumers appear to be leading the charge,” said Bill Murray, the President and CEO of the NCA while commenting on the report. “A steadily growing taste for gourmet varieties of coffee is also driving a wider trend toward specialty beverages,” he added. According to the 2017 report, more than half of all cups of coffee consumed in the past day were ‘gourmet’ which is a record-high 59 percent.

According to the drinking trends report, the trends of coffee consumption are shifting to Espresso based and new-age coffee beverages such as cold brew, and nitro. The National Coffee association of America is the official authority in the coffee industry. Since 1911 and the annual drinking trends report is market survey coast to coast across USA considered by the industry  as  authentic and factual. According to the new drinking trends report, 2017 is the largest pass day Espresso based consumption rise in the history of the report, from 18 to 24 percent. This signals the millennial’s are in control of retail spending dollars.

At the world speciality coffee expo in Seattle last week Jason Roe CEO of the coast to coast gourmet organic coffee chain Best Roast Coffee (BRC) the brand behind self branded coffee bar’s in Big Box Grocery and now hotel chains say’s – “The indicators have been there since 2013 when the drinking trends report first showed a 51% share to specialty coffee. BRC opened over 60 new locations last year, because we are gourmet and Organics and Gourmet are in demand. ” Mr. Roe says, “The Millennial’s are very passionate about their coffee, they want a relationship with it, they what to know the values it’s built on and therefore we need to give them what they want or loose their dollars. Best Roast coffee does air roasting not traditional drumb roasting which burns gas into the atmospher, and Best Roast Coffee (BRC) has become certified carbon free coffee now,  for a carbon free planet, our coffee is all organic and we don’t have the burt taste you may find in other large scale coffee chains. That chain  by the way calls burt a palatable coffee” He added.

A Smooth Sprouts Farmers Market Gourmet Latte, Made In Sprouts to Best Roast coffee Formulars. 

“The BRC CEO is anything but traditional, and says he has a one planet, one human view. His talk was inspirational to all present. Mr. Roe say in 2017 technology has transcended distance and time, you can now video face time someone in France in real time, and its free. Try explaining that to Alexander Graham Bell in his time. 2017 is our time say Mr.Roe, we therefore need to look to events of our time and beyond company past traditions of focusing only on our companies brand. We need to start to ask a much broader range of global questions, we in past generations would not have considered. These questions can be… Are we doing all we can for the planet and humanity as a whole? Are helping children in poverty? Are we paying  more to farmers? Are the women running the farm, or are all the farms where we buy raw coffee beans from run and owned by men? It needs to be brought to the attention to millennials that the  large scale coffee chains actually buy from their own farms, giving money to farms  they own, and that only serves makes more money for the company, I am confident the millennials wont support that or them much longer.  I implore you all when making decisions do something with your buying power, ask self analising questions.  The question, How will this decison help the planet and the people. Put these values into purchasing guidlines,  Said Mr. Roe.  Mr.Roe’s  talk was one of inspiration while talking to the CEO’s and industry leaders present at the world coffee Expo. “The more we question, the more we begin to cognize in our minds and see that we can help, and be a difference. If coffee is  the second largest traded commodity in the world, then I drink to  balancing the worlds ethics, and trade with a global responsibility, creating a life for all involved along the coffee supply chain, and that makes my daily coffee more palatable,”  he added. Mr Roe’s talk was well recieved by all. 

The NCA coffee drinking trends report suggest innovation and new drinks is the primary focus of the millennials,  and the Millennial’s set the trends. The New York Time’s, Forbes Magazine, Time and other reputable news papers and magazines have all published resent articles Millennial’s are the majority spenders.  This suggests if  you are not on board with how the millennials think you  are not in business, no matter how big the business.

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