Edify Lab Information Sharing App Announces Early Bird Advantage For Advisors

The soon to be launched Edify Lab information sharing platform will connect and empower professionals to provide professional help in the form of advice, tips and information over the internet through video call. Based on the concept of the highly popular information sharing platform “Quora”, Edify Lab has been designed to make information sharing easier and more fruitful by providing its users an incentive to get involved and share information for revenue.

The Edify Lab Web platform (http://www.edifylab.com/) and app will be beneficial to professionals and online businesses in a multitude of ways,

Edify Lab will serve as a global pool of professionals, experts and consultants from a wide range of field and industries including architecture, law, finance and more, providing valuable information and advice over the internet. One of the most exciting aspects of an information sharing app like Edify Lab is that it will serve as a great platform for professionals to join as advisors and earn from providing help through online video call sessions. Edify will serve as a video profile and booking engine which is a great way of  expanding digital presence, which is helpful r professionals and online businesses in TWO ways. First, an Edify Video Profile can be a way of earning direct revenue when consumers book and pay for a live consultation call.  Second, the Edify Video Profile can be used as a powerful lead generation tool to bring new customers because great first consultations can be a gateway to long term repeat business.

Professionals who wish to join Edify Lab will have to pay a small membership fee at the beginning, however, if they act now, professionals can avail the Edify Lab’s early bird advantage offer and get more consulting hours at no cost to them!

The Edify Lab (http://www.edifylab.com/) spokesperson said: “We wanted to develop a platform that would serve as a bridge connecting information seekers with advisors, experts and professionals from a worldwide network through Edify Lab’s easy to use and secure platform.”

The Edify Lab app is currently available in a mobile friendly version which works perfectly on any mobile browser. The Edify Lab iPhone App is expected to be released soon and is expected to revolutionize the information sharing industry because nothing is powerful and authentic than a live conversation and/or demonstration. 

About: Edify Lab is an app that allows users to LOCATE and FIND great Advisors and favors for a price. For more information, please visit: http://www.edifylab.com/

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