Airwheel R5 Smart electric Bicycle With Technical Functions To Meet New Market Demand

Now, the emergence of Airwheel R5 electric moped bike has altered the condition of the original one, ushering the industry into a new level. It is better known for its rich ride modes and these functions you may not know.

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Unlike the traditional vehicles, Airwheel R5 citizen e-bike is featured by three riding modes: man-powered, power-assisted and electricity-assisted modes with which the riders don’t have to keep a single ride mode while riding. And the following functions you may not know.

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Firstly, it is the USB charging interface, chargeable and compatible with mobile phones and digital equipment. Please note that when the power indicator is red, it is suggested not to ride. Then, its Battery box can be disassembled. Separate the battery box wire and frame line before removing the battery box (to install batter, insert the battery box first and then connect). Pull the safety pins as the figure shows, move the battery box in parallel and take out of the battery box to charge. Uncover the dust cap in the batter box and connect the charger to charge.

Airwheel R5 Smart electric Bicycle With Technoical Functions To Meet New Market Demand 

Thirdly, the shock-absorbing saddle needs your attention. Riders can adjust the screw to adjust the elastic force of the spring to suit for people with different weights, in order to achieve better shock absorption effect. Tighten the regulating screw in the bottom of the saddle clockwise with hex wrench to reduce the elasticity of the spring, so as to reduce damping effect. If improve the elasticity of the spring, it will increase damping effect

Airwheel R5 citizen e-bike 

Other components include optional fender, water brush and storage rack. If you have chosen the fender. You need to align the front fender and rear fender to the circular rod holes in front and rear wheels. Tighten the front fender with a screw and nut and rear fender with wrench. For the water brush (optional, if any), you need to align the front water brush and the round hole in the rear water brush to the circular holes in front and rear wheels. Tighten it with screw and nut. Also, many riders have installed storage rack to their convenience. The installation steps are as follows. Align the round holes (above and below) in the storage rack to the round holes in the saddle and rear wheel. Tighten the top part of the storage rack with screw and the lower part with screw and nut.

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