Clever Messenger – A Next-Gen Tool Insisting On Changing The Way Users Boost Conversions In Their Business

Clever Messenger

It is no doubt that Feedback tools are crucial because it helps reflect visitors’ objections and then increase conversions and leads. However, many marketers are still failing due to flawed and broken tools they get on the market. Base for this, the presence of Clever Messenger – a new solution from Stefan van der Vlag helps marketers to say goodbye these old tools.

Feedback tools that visualize behavior increase conversions for all walks of web life. There are other similar CRO and feedback tools on the market. However, these are not only freaking expensive. The problem is they are designed in a wrong way and result in unqualified tools. With the experience of working for over eight years in online marketing, Stefan van der Vlag knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes down to conversions. All those other tools out there might talk a good game. They are designed to increase conversions like a bowling ball is designed to fly. Understanding this, Stefan van der Vlag and his partner Dennis de Graaf and Faouzi Jouti together designed a better method to help people put their conversions and profits on steroids. Their product is called Clever Messenger.

Clever Messenger is the world’s most powerful conversion machine that is revolutionizing the way people market in 2019 using the top-of-the-line features. This all-in-one feedback tool includes Revealing Heatmaps & Powerful Behavioral Recordings, Feedback Polls & Surveys, Conversion Funnels which give insights, feedback and statistics marketers need for their marketing campaigns.

Clever Messenger soft is an all-in-one messenger bot creation tool that is capable of creating any bot users desire with unique Convertifire features:

Save Pages And CSS Styles: This feature is built with next-gen compression technology. User’s site will not slow down; their visitors will not notice a thing because Convertifire saves their entire website. Unlike others on the market, i is not fast, but user’s visitor recordings are always spot on.

Works on platforms users already use and love: It does not matter if users are on WordPress or use page builders like, LeadPages, ClickFunnels, InstaPage, iGloo or Convertri. It even works on Shopify sites. It is copy and paste simple to install Convertifire.

Records All Devices And Browsers: Convertifire records everything. It automatically detects if users are on a desktop, tablet, or phone. Users can easily see if their site is performing like they want cross devices.

Clever Messenger software allows users to develop their business by simply spying on visitor behavior and reflecting their objections. Also, users easily crank up engagement on their blog posts and get Social Shares going viral by structuring their posts the way their visitors prefer.

Clever Messenger is ideal for:

• Web Developers & Analysts

• Digital & Online Marketers

• Product & Project Managers

• UI & UX Designers

• SME Businesses

• Consultants & Agencies

This platform is based on the proven concept of analyzing and optimizing. However, Convertifire takes it to the next level. Users can even use Clever Messenger tool to build bigger lists of fresh new subscribers, improve leads, conversions for their business by just tweaking their page.  

With a steep lifetime discount, their state of the art compression tech, and a whole different way of gathering data, the company hopes to deliver a better software at a fraction of the cost for their customers. The training course, knowledge base, and all other help are neatly presented in their cool looking SaaS.

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