Social Media Day Denver 2017: Presents “Preventing Cancer Through Livestreaming”

DENVER, CO – 28 Apr, 2017 – International Social Media Day is June 30th.  Events will be held around the globe celebrating the power that social networking has become in our lives.  In Denver, Colorado Leslie Nance will be celebrating by telling her compelling story about how she helps millions of people prevent cancer through her livestreaming show “Lunch with Leslie.”   Leslie is a featured speaker at #SMDayDenver2017 where she will be presenting her story “Preventing Cancer Through Livestreaming.” 

“I love sharing my cancer journey with others.  I love inspiring them to make their bodies inhospitable to cancer. I also love sharing this story in a way that will help other business owners understand the power of livestreaming and how effective it is for building an active community,” Leslie said in a recent interview.  In her presentation, Leslie talks about the power of community and support.  How she is a real food enthusiast and teaches others how to be excited about eating real food, but also how she is nothing without the backing of a passionate community.  

She also shares with raw emotions how cancer touches everyone’s life. How her cancer diagnosis made her so passionate about helping others she started her own business  She shares her secrets of building a brand from that extreme passion and drive to make a difference in others lives.  Leslie believes “If I can help someone ignite their passion for making a difference by using livestreaming I have done my job.  Mark Twain said “the two most important days in someone’s life is the day they are born, and the day they find out why’.  I am interested in helping people find they’re why.”  

You can see Leslie and many other amazing social media influencers at Social Media Day Denver which will be on June 30, 2017.

Organized by Socially Powered. Tickets are on sale at

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