Famelent is available on Google Play to Discover and Share World’s Interests in A Whole New Level

AUSTIN, TX – 28 Apr, 2017 – A new social media app that gives power to connect with like-minded people, gather online with them and find relevant content based on interests, talents, skills and lifestyles of people.

Available today, social media startup Famelent, Inc., announced the release of their app Famelent, available for Android on Google Play, that offers a fresh path towards a highly curated experience that aims to help users discover and share content like never before by personalizing the user experience of content through customized news feed, hyper-focused browsing, cultural archive system, and a deep level of personalization.

Famelent is creating a destination hub online that strives to connect like-minded individuals together, ultimately letting users reach their ideal audience or points of interest with more precision and efficiency. Famelent is here to promote more purposeful connections, and they can manifest that by bringing the right people together.

“The abundance of information and knowledge online in today’s world is ever-growing, and it may become easily overwhelming when trying to avoid irrelevant content. Famelent wants to reduce and avoid content pollution, and give users exactly what they are looking for when they do make the decision to spend their time online,” said Dogukan Sara, CEO and co-founder of Famelent. “Our aim is to support and empower the creative pursuits and endeavors that originate from people all around this world. This is the foundation of our journey. With Famelent, people will be able to be a part of a community that is aligned with their visions and eventually becoming an influential part to someone else’s journey in life.”

Users can sign up easily by using their email, Facebook and Gmail accounts. Creating profiles are very easy with simple interface. Photos and videos as content are easily shareable. Title and description can be added to content for more personalization and discoverability. Users choose their interests from categories and this allows them to connect with like-minded people and follow relevant content of what they exactly want which means to have customized news feed to save their time. People also are able to create cultural archives by using folders to collect, save and organize content by defining them with preview picture, title, description and multiple categories. This gives them the power to have their own single content-source-data. Any type of content can be searched easily based on the type of content and its defining information. This allows users to discover and reach exactly who and what they are looking for. Profiles and folders can be independently either private or public to have more control on a trusted, secure and transparent platform.

Famelent is available on Google Play for free. It is designed for Android phone users and requires Android 4.1 or newer.

Download Famelent for free on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.famelent

Please visit www.famelent.com for more information about Famelent, including videos and screenshots of the app.

About Famelent

A new social media startup company, Famelent Inc. based in Austin, TX, funded by Dogukan Sara and Ali Can Ozkara on December, 2016. Famelent wants to direct social media and social networking experience into a different level by providing more personalization and customization to curate people’s life and moments.

Media Contact
Company Name: Famelent, Inc.
Contact Person: Dogukan Sara
Email: press@famelent.com
Phone: +1.512.577.5860
Country: United States
Website: https://www.famelent.com