Introducing Malinche Performance And Art Opening 05.05.17

NEW YORK, NY – 28 Apr, 2017 –

Introducing Malinche. 

Performance and art opening by Maria Fernanda Leaño.

Invitation only for press and list guests.

Date: 05.05.17

Time: 7-10PM

Address: 393 Broadway New York 

Attached link with press info and highly resolution photos:

How did you get here? – Through a portal; I was transported to the past, the future and then I travelled from a present to another; It was a mirror, I opened the portal by looking straight into my eyes until I got lost inside my pupils, then I left, and now, well, here I am. The other Malinche in Mirrors are portals. 

Created and curated by performance and experimental artist Maria Fernanda Leaño this show consists on performance art, installations, neon signs, 3D art, paintings, collages, portraits of the character in collaboration with talented Mexican and American Photographers, videos, virtual reality, etc, all of them related to Mexican social and political situation and popular beliefs internally and internationally.

Step inside this Magical Realism virtual reality, as you enter the exhibition, you become part of an interactive live book happening here and now, performed by the artist, it has a beginning but yet no end, now, you’re also part of this tale as you go inside the rabbit hole into Malinche’s story. 

This exhibition is a peaceful reaction to the recent political situation between both countries; U.S.A and Mex (border siblings)

La Otra Malinche is a nowadays version of Malinalli, better known as “La Malinche” she was the lover and translator of General Hernan Cortéz who came to The Americas (the continent) specifically to Mesoamerica in 1519 after Columbus, he defeated the Aztec empire with the help on his Aztec mistress. She is a controversial un comprehended character in Mexico, sort of like an Eve in Mexican history.

Mexicans call people that consume American products or move to USA “Malinchistas” as in traitors who prefer foreign stuff other then Mexican made products.

People love to hate Malinche, either way, she is the mother of the Mexican mixed rase, she gave birth to her son Martin, half European, half Aztec, and with him, she gave birth to a new civilization, Mexicans.

Welcome inside Maria Fernanda Leaño’ solo art exhibition “Introducing Malinche” meet her alter ego, dive into la otra Malinche’s world and art.

Malinche Art was born from the initial project Mirrors are Portals, a coffee table book that I am working on and I’ll launch soon narrating and sharing visuals (photos, paintings and collages) about the story of a girl called Maria, the reincarnation of La Malinche a historical Aztec character, but in a nowadays world, as the project grew sow this the art, so I decided to introduce the character (which I created and I channel her) I started performing the character, intervening art and posing in photographs acting her for the visual book, and now the book took life of its own, it is a story happening now, it has a beginning but yet no end. And as you watch her be, you become part of the story. 

About the artist:

Maria Fernanda Leaño studied in (Antonio Caso primary school) in Guadalajara Mexico and at (instituto Alpes San Javier), (Le Rosey Switzerland) in high school, in college she studied Journalism (Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara) oil painting and drawing in Florence Italy, writing and Hispanic Literature (Sogem México).

One day out of the blue she quit her job as a magazine editor in Mexico and relocated to New York four years ago, where she studied Journalism and Photography (Parsons) Art journaling intensive (Pratt institute) Drama (Lee Strasberg) and Guerrilla Filmaking (Downtown community television center).

Introducing Malinche is Maria’s first Solo in NYC and sixth art exhibition (first one was for a Televisa TV Network in Mexico 2008) (Marina Puerto Vallarta 2010) (Club de industriales México 2005) (Rectoría UAG Jalisco Mex 2008) (Playa del Carmen Mex 2012).

Welcome to Malinche’s world and enjoy the ride.

Maria Fernanda Leaño

Photos by Maria Elena Valdes

Special thanks to Malinche Art Team:

Richard Conde 
Melissa Edmond
Marlon Arboleda
Mariah Marquez

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Phone: 9175656718
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