Qnary Japan and SoftBank Form Partnership for Multilanguage AI FAQ Engine

NEW YORK, NY – 29 Apr, 2017 – Reputation Growth Service provider Qnary Japan (herein after Qnary) will partner with SoftBank Corp.(herein after SoftBank) to provide Artificial Intelligence Frequently Asked Question engine APTWARE in Japan and North America. Qnary will bolster its Qnary BirdCloud Solution Suite of Reputation Growth Services with SoftBank’s APTWARE Multi-language Compatible Chat Solution.

“We are excited to have the new interactive FAQ systems available as part of Qnary’s reputation growth management service. By providing the AI based social media activation which complements the current Qnary platform,” stated Masahiro Kano, CEO of Qnary Japan.  “users will be able to respond appropriately to the various comments posted on their timelines and/or in messengers at any time, and will have the option to select the method of response. The response can be automated utilizing APTWARE’s AI technology, manual by human operators, or a combination of both. This results in decrease in operators’ and staff time, which leads to cost reduction and at the same time increases customer satisfaction. It can most certainly improve your reputation among your customers, your employees, and your partners.”

APTWARE is a natural language processing solution compatible with multiple languages such as Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. If an ambiguous question is provided by a customer, the platform will ask questions to narrow down a set of possible answers and present the best suited answer.

APTWARE is used in various business scenarios and implementation of its system has:

1. Saved labor costs at call centers
2. Improved usability of websites
3. Gathered insights on the potential needs of the customers (users) from conversation logs.

Qnary will add APTWARE to its current Reputation Growth Service involving SNS such as Facebook, to further improve the quality of the content and diversify its service. Beginning in April, Qnary will start creating content utilizing APTWARE for its official Facebook account and start monitoring in Japan.

“We are honored to partner with SoftBank on the technological development and implementation of AI in our Qnary solution suite,” stated Bant Breen, Founder and CEO of Qnary.

In 2018, SoftBank plans to expand APTWARE to North America, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Korea, while Qnary U.S. is planning to expand its service starting in North America, and proceeding to Europe, and South America. Qnary U.S. works with several of the largest companies in the world across a full-range of business verticals (banking, insurance, manufacturers, retail, food and beverage). Expansion is planned to start by introducing the service to the clients in the verticals.

SoftBank’s APTWARE

APTWARE is a multi-language (Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean) compatible AI FAQ system. It is used for automatic response to inquiries from customers and internal workers and is compatible to multi-devices, and multimedia. SoftBank uses its AI concierge service in its internal portal site, and is accumulating knowhow to be shared with the market.

APTWARE enables the user to “update and add the automatic response answers” and “improve the precision of the answers.” Creating the data allows the absorption of the fluctuating keywords and key phrases. Also, by preparing data scenarios for ambiguous questions, it allows the system to ask “What will you like to know about?” and understand the intention of the questions to provide an accurate answer.

APTWARE product site: https://rizbell.jp/

Qnary Japan

Qnary U.S. was founded as a company in January 2012 with the purpose of providing service focused on Reputation Growth. Its solution is centered on empowering the voice of the professional and to enhance the reputation of Executives and brands by creating optimized social media content for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Qnary Japan opened its office in March 2016, and in July 2016 formed an alliance including capital involvement and business partnership with News2u, a digital PR Agency.

For more information, visit: https://www.qnary.co.jp


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