A Tournament of Words: The way publishers discover authors just changed forever.

SEATTLE, WA – 29 Apr, 2017 – Before children dreamed of becoming popstars and actors, they dreamed of becoming authors. Social writing platform Prose has announced joining forces with publishing giant Simon & Schuster, whose legacy includes Ernest Hemingway, Carrie Fisher, and Stephen King.

Simon & Schuster’s editing team hopes to discover the next generation of great authors by utilizing Prose’s challenge feature and social integration, initially through a 500-2000 word writing challenge that ends June 1.

You are prompted to, “Write a story, chapter, or essay about whatever you like. The 50 best entries will be announced by Prose and read by Simon & Schuster’s editorial staff for consideration.”

This challenge stipulates a minimum of 500 entries and a maximum of 2,000. Prose plans to announce the top-50 entries on June 21, 2017.

The engineer who wrote Prose, who goes by the pseudonym “Z,” remarks, “This challenge represents a fun way for writers to interact with one another and catch a publisher’s eye.”

Only time can tell if publishing history just began its next chapter.

Additional Information:

PROSE LINK: https://theprose.com

CHALLENGE LINK: https://theprose.com/challenge/5367

Z PROFILE: https://theprose.com/z

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