Functional Medicine, Naturopathy, Peak 2017 U.S. Health Trends

USA – Alternative treatments have caught mainstream media’s attention not only owing to their increased patient following, but also to the many testimonials provided by those who have found relief after years of battling with western medicine red tape – feeling as if though they are passed from one specialist to another, without ever receiving a “whole-system evaluation”.

It is through the principles of functional medicine that patients report finding renewed hope at the end of a long string of disappointments, as well as the peace – both physical, and mental – that has long eluded them. Combining the best of integrative and holistic medicine, functional medicine has been deemed the “future of western medicine”, as it stands for a groundbreaking, all-encompassing approach towards treating patients with regards to their overall wellbeing, rather than focusing on a particular issue that might be traditionally correlated with a single “symptom-system-drug” treatment trifecta.

Doctor Kate Kass’s media representative spoke of the practices that fall under the functional medicine umbrella, saying “As functional medicine principles dictate a holistic approach to solving any health issue that might arise, virtually any bodily disturbance can be addressed through its practices. Since one’s body depends on its many systems working in tandem, functional medicine comes in to fill in the gap left by western medicine – which is missing out on the correlation between symptoms, and often the reluctance to look into the underlying causes behind them, as they are often more complex than what they appear on the surface.”

“Wellness, reproductive health, and anti-aging concerns are among the top reasons that people turn to functional medicine to find relief from. Most patients report that, in addition to being pleased with the outcome of their custom treatment regimens, what surprised them the most and boosted their positive attitude towards getting better was the incredible care they received by their dedicated, thoughtful doctors. It is the one-on-one, case-by-case approach that essentially sets functional medicine miles apart from western medicine, and the main contributing factor that will render it the most dominant approach in the medical field in the near future.”

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