Soon to be Best-Selling Author Launches CrowdFunding Campaign

Highly promising author Mitch Mark will be launching his crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter, Indiegogo and GoFundMe for his upcoming Best-Seller “Lessons of Men”, on May 6th. The aim of the campaign is to raise funds for a PR campaign of a book that tells a gripping story of a group young college students who have set out to date as many women as possible, their journey as college players teaches them plenty of valuable lessons about life and dating, which Mitch wants his readers to learn in a more ineresting novel manner.

Mitch requires funding to cover the cost of an amazing marketing campaign that will get the word about the book has far as possible. The crowdfunding campaign is one of the ways Micth wants the online crowd to participate in the books success.

Mitch has skillfully weaved many important issues that highlight a man’s attitude towards life, dating and struggles. Mitch along with many notable authors and editors believe that the main reason behind the success of the  “Lessons Of Men” novel would be its relatability, which is why Mitch wants the online crowd to be a part the greatest novels coming out this year,  “I want you to be a part of one of the greatest novels coming out this year in 2017. My book “ Lessons of Men” has been highly worked on with some of the top NY Bestsellers Editors, and professional that have made great impacts in the book industry. This book has be reviewed very well, and I have the Top NYC/LA PR Firms willing to promote it. I just need you help to me get it out there.”

Mitch is extremely motivated by the guarantees of multiple professionals that the book has al the potential being a mega success.

Mitch is offering plenty of pledge options suit different budgets, he will also be giving away a variety of different rewards and perks to prize the generosity of those who support the project through their monetary contributions.

Mitch has commitments from major media outlests and publishers to have book published, reviewed, or showed on ABC, FOX, Huffinfgton Spot, NBC, etc.

To be a part of the next best seller journey and get behind this campaign, please visit:

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Mitch A. Mark is a soon to be best selling author hailing from New York.

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