Introduces The All New & Improved ESD Tester/Device Killer

V3 is the perfected successor of V2.0 & has caused permanent damage to 95% of devices equipped with a usb port

Hong Kong, Hong Kong – April 29, 2017 – has announced that it is launching the all new USB Killer called, the USB Kill V3. The USB Kill V3 is going to be the successor of the legendary 2.0 that was previously introduced by The new killer is more advanced and much superior to its predecessor with higher voltage output and increased effectiveness. For police, law enforcers, penetration testers, journalists and most importantly, whistle blowers, the device is going to be a landmark addition to their computer gear and equipment.

“The V3 is the newest technical evolution in the USB Kill range and it has amazing new features such as higher voltage output, higher amp output, and faster pulse rate.” said the spokesperson of “We have also added a hardened micro controller for additional stability alongside LED for visual charge indication.” he added while introducing the features of this amazing new version. The YouTube views of USB Killer have exceeded 47 Million and the company has uploaded several testing videos for the product demonstration.

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Followed by the feedback from the InfoSec and the testing community, the USB Kill V3 comes in two versions. The ‘Anonymous’ version comes with no branding and it is packed in a generic black case. However, the ‘Standard’ version comes in white casing with the iconic USB Kill logo on top of it. The all new anonymous version is designed to fulfill the requests of police, law enforcement and government agencies.

Extensive testing has demonstrated that 95% of the USB equipped consumer devices are permanently or partially damaged by a USB power surge attack.  The kit that comes with this amazing USB Killer includes a lightning adaptor, USB-C Adaptor and a Micro USB Adaptor. These adaptors have been custom designed to not only bypass lightning and USB-c authentication, but also to withstand the high-voltage stress delivered by the USB Kill V3. The device is CE approved and also FCC approved to ensure user satisfaction. Furthermore, each device is electronically tested before being hand-packed: it is a certified safe device.

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