Airwheel New R Series Smart Assist Bicycles Displayed In HK Electronics Fair

Subsequent to the release of a series of new products in 2017, Airwheel R3 stands out. It has been displayed in the 2017 HK Electronics Fair. Many visitors get access to the new products. This kind of e bike looks like the traditional bikes. However, it differs from the traditional one a lot. It is by far lighter, more convenient and portable.

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As scheduled, the 2017 HK Electronics Fair is held in the Convention and Exhibition Centre from 13 to 16 April 2017. As a professional smart electric transport device maker, Airwheel is committed to providing good transport solutions for its customers.

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Persistent in its efforts, Airwheel has been constant in introducing new and functional products to facilitate people’s travel. Airwheel is at the booth 3F D34&D36, in Hall 3.

Airwheel New R Series Smart Assist Bicycles Displayed In HK Electronics Fair 

Airwheel R series is touted as the most convenient electric folding bike. This title is from its ability to pack away and its USB port. The USB port enables the rider to use it as a moving power source. Using the power source, the rider can charge his mobile phone via USB cable. Thereby the rider will no longer worry about lacking of power in mobile phone. In addition, R series even can pack away to a small size so that the user can take it into the public transportation such as the bus and the metro. The small size is convenient for the user to store it. The user can put it under his desk in the office. It will not stand in way of other colleague. And through its App, you can make fault self-diagnosis, master the e-bike condition and set speed level intelligently.

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With an Airwheel Smart E Bike, you are free to change ride modes, that is, the man-powered, the sensing power-assisted and the electricity-assisted mode. When you are energetic, you can ride under the man-powered mode, burning your calories and keeping healthy. And when you are a little tired, you can ride under the sensing power-assisted mode, with the help of electric power, you can pedal along in a quite easy way. Of course, if you hope to enjoy a fast and effortless riding, the electricity-assisted mode can be a good choice. Powered totally by electricity, you can have a rest while riding.

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