Live Caster Lets Users Go Live Without Having To Figure Out Complicated Settings And A Mess Of Configuration


Live video creates high buzz among viewers and get FaceBook pages, groups and YouTube channels organic traffics in drawing while providing desired content to audience and boosting ranks. Based on that, a new product called LiveCaster was released.

Live Caster soft is the best and popular live-casting software. It is easy-to-use, supports scheduling, and on click live mode.  It allows the user to use pre-recorded videos as live to Facebook pages, personal feed, and groups. It can as well live-cast to YouTube. LiveCaster soft allows the users to extract the last fragment of organic traffic using this powerful strategy.

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With LiveCaster, the user can:

• Increase their organic reach on FB and YouTube

• Easy-to-use and setup

• Schedule for later or go live immediately

• No third party software needed

• Runs on Desktop PC

Facebook provides Live Videos the best placement, and YouTube is committed to live-streaming. But, currently, the new thing about social media is focusing on Live Videos. The user must tap into this new trend and reach the audience through live videos as it gives quicker results and produces organic traffic.

The Livecaster software made for the same reason to get fan plus traffic for Facebook and YouTube without going live. With LiveCaster, the user can cast per verified videos as live to:

• Facebook Personal Pages, Feed, and even Groups

• YouTube Channels

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It is apparent that live streaming is taking over the digital world.  The YouTube demonstrated this by garnering eight million views in less than twelve hours. The Live Streaming can help the user get traffic from FB and YouTube connected to the users’ video content. Now, it is not required the user to go live to live-stream. They can select any pre-recorded videocast to live on YouTube or Facebook using LiveCaster. But the user has to face some challenges as well:

• They need to record an episode live

• They must provide the video with clean look and convincing sound

• They need to use high-quality devices, HD camera

• They should post it on FB groups, personal feed, pages and on YouTube

• They must be around not just for the record a live event, but they should also work continuously to make the excellent videos.

LiveCaster software is different from other livecasting tool around when it can runs from desktop, people no longer have to sync with any server. No need for any third party software of stream keys for FaceBook. It streams directly to Facebook without any tough setup. While most livecasting tool only work with FaceBook, LiveCaster also work with Youtube for the maximum benefit. It also protect the account of its users from someone on the network violating a ToS.

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