Launches New Free Gift To Welcome New Users To A Thinner World

My Simply Slim understands that using HCG drops alone can never optimize weight loss, so they are providing a free guide to dieting with the drops to optimize their users’ approach.

Losing weight is at the forefront of many people’s minds. The frustration of millions today who form part of the so-called obesity epidemic is that sedentary lifestyles and high-fat foods make it almost impossible to lose weight without drastic intervention. Fortunately for them, HCG Drops provide a boost that enables them to lose weight effectively through traditional dieting. Simply Slim HCG Drops ( are an FDA approved best-selling supplement, and it now comes with a free nutritional diet guide designed to help people boost the effect of the product by maximizing the efficiency of their diet.

The new free gift is a guide to dieting with HCG drops that comes in three distinct phases described in detail on the product website. The most important of these phases is the often forgotten normalization phase, in which people must adjust their appetites and caloric intake to their new body without the HCG drops. 

The diet guide provides detailed information, recipes and inspiration for getting the best out of each of the three stages, ensuring that weight loss using Simply Slim HCG Drops is both effective and permanent, facilitating a change in lifestyle and attitudes that will help keep the weight off. 

A spokesperson for explained, “While HCG drops are capable of supercharging an existing diet plan, they can only optimize the effectiveness of the diet they are applied with. As such, we have created a free diet book that gives users a guide as to the best way to lose weight for different goals, so they can always be assured of taking the shortest route to the results they want, as well as getting the maximum benefit out of our product by synchronizing it with the very best approach. Interested parties can even preview the free gift on our website before making a decision.”

About Simply Slim HCG Drops: Simply Slim HCG Drops are perfect for those looking to lose weight. They are specially formulated to perpetuate fat burning, and created from natural, high quality ingredients. FDA approved, Simply Slim HCG drops are a trusted weight loss option. Now with free diet guide. For more information please visit:

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