Noomi is an innovative mattress company that is taking the concept of “bed in a box” to a whole new level. This week they are excited to announce the release of a one of a kind sleeping product that not only aids in temperature cooling and control during sleep, but also is physically cool to the touch.

Born from a need to resolve “hot sleep” Noomi produces temperature regulated mattresses that help sleepers achieve restful, relaxing sleep. All of Noomi’s mattresses all come with Super Cooling gel beads embedded into the top layer, promoting heat dissipation through all hours of the night.

“Though our mattresses have always been known for their cooling properties that whisk away heat to reduce the amount of sweaty, restless sleeping, we’re proud to introduce that the same Noomi mattress is now available in an option that is physically cold feeling,” said Jonathan Calmus, Founder, and CEO of Noomi. “Specifically curated to address the temperature problems most sleepers cope with when trying to have a comfortable sleep. Our new product is going to take cool, productive sleeping to a whole new level.”

Unlike competitors, Noomi’s new mattresses dissipate heat where other memory foams and latex mattresses get incredibly hot and uncomfortable to sleep on. Additionally, the cool to the touch model uses specialized polymers that retain the room’s ambient temperature. For customers interested in testing out a Noomi mattress, the company provides a 365-night sleep trial in which the mattress can be returned at any time for a full refund.

“We want our customers to be confident and comfortable with their mattress choice,” said Calmus. “That’s why we offer an industry leading 1-year trial. No mattress store gives you anywhere near that and most bed in a box companies only provide 100 nights. With our new, revolutionary cool to the touch mattress, we want every interested consumer to give it a test run and feel it for themselves.”

Noomi evolved to what it is today over the realization that the primary cause of poor sleep is temperature control. Mattresses get uncomfortably warm, and wake restful sleepers up when body temperature regulation gets too hot to handle. After testing out hundreds of different prototypes and working with thousands of sleepers, Noomi has resolved poor sleep issues for everyone.

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When buying a Noomi mattress, the company includes a lifetime warranty, compared to the industry standard of a maximum of only 10-years. Additionally, Noomi offers replacement plans in which shoppers can pay a small extra fee to have their mattress completely replaced the within 5-years. Consumers have the choice of keeping the original, or requesting to have Noomi remove it and donate it for them.

“We’re the first mattress in a box company of its kind that is focusing our efforts specifically on temperature control and how it relates to sleeping,” said Calmus. “We’re passionate about getting to the core of what comprises good sleep, and that starts with the most comfortable mattress possible. We’ve made the process of purchasing and testing our mattresses as simple as possible so there is literally no risk.”

The Noomi mattress was officially conceptualized in 2014. After helping people sleep for nearly three years, the company has progressively worked towards making the mattress the best mattress available at an extremely reasonable price. Committed to convenience for the everyday consumer, the product is shipped to directly to sleepers in a simple box that can be setup in a matter of minutes.

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