Car Loans Bank: the best choice for a car loan today!

Car Loans Bank, a Canadian car loan broker based in Ontario, offers its customers a wide variety of features designed to help Canadian citizens procure the car loan that’s right for them.
Based in the hub of Canada, Ontario, Car Loans Bank has a simple online application process that can mean driving a new car only a day or two after application. Choose the desired vehicle type to narrow down the list of possible lenders, putting specialist dealers at the top of the algorithmic list, and decide on a dream car. 

Their large network of dealer partnerships allows Car Loans Bank to offer good deals in every region of Canada, including car loans in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario, Newfoundland, New England and many more. 

Filling in the application is as easy as entering employment and residential information, as well as details of other income and monthly outgoings. Once the application is sent, users will receive an instant decision, with 99% of applications approved, and be matched with the best lender based on the application.

Two key features of the Car Loans Bank package are helpful tools designed to aid the Canadians they’ve vowed to help calculate what they can afford and what their monthly repayments might be for a specific car. 

The first of these is the budget calculator. This calculator tool allows users to input their monthly generated income and their standard monthly outgoings (including food, utility bills, rent and mortgage payments) to give them a monthly maximum sum they can afford to pay on a car loan. 

The second tool can be used to calculate the probable monthly repayments for a specific car or budget. Users enter the amount of loan that they want to apply for, fill in the down payment, loan term and other particulars and are given a figure likely to be the monthly repayments on a monthly and bi-weekly basis.


The Car Loans Bank Company is an established and dedicated loan broker with a strong partnership with dealers across the country of Canada. Their aim is to help Canadians find affordable loans that will allow them to own the car they want the most. Specialising in localised car loans, such as Saskatchewan car loans, the company aim to find users the best deal in their area before looking elsewhere. 

For more information on the Car Loans Bank company, or to learn more about the loans that they offer, please visit their website:

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