Form Builder With Salesforce Integration: A Powerful Landing Page Creator of The Future

Users can now create an online form with Formtitan form builder without any programming skills

May 8, 2017 – FormTitan has announced the release of their all new online form builder. The form builder is fully integrated with salesforce and is easy to use. For salesforce integrators, this is a great news because the builder will create result oriented forms with ease and convenience. This time saving solution has been patented by FormTitan, the global leader in online forms that are used for several purposes, including digital marketing, data management and a lot of other great features. The best feature is that the form builder is absolutely free of cost and a lot of users have already signed up and more continue to follow.

“We are welcoming everyone to sign up with this amazing solution that is the result of a dual integration,” said Amy, the Product Manager at FormTitan while introducing the form builder. “Unlike other products, our salesforce connector not only writes to your salesforce objects, but it can also read from them and populate your online form fields instantly,” she added. The integration is very easy and does not require any coding skills whatsoever. The dual integration enables the users to read data from salesforce objects and populate it to their own form fields.

Furthermore, a user can read from multiple objects at a time, with or without dependencies. In addition, users can also query their objects based on any value and the salesforce connector is seamless as well as powerful. The company is welcoming more and more signups for this builder as it will help the users like never before with a satisfying and unique experience. Moreover, the builder supports all salesforce objects on its own and is highly automated.

This form builder and its salesforce integration is really easy to use and allow to populate a form fields from salesforce objects and also to save back to any object/objects with dependences. Moreover, there is zero coding required to use it and the connectivity is seamless that enables flawless reading and writing. The auto-populate feature of the builder is another great feature that populates the forms on its own, saving a lot of time and energy. Therefore, with a considerable amount of ease, users can easily create an endless array of forms and landing pages: contact forms, feedback forms, order forms, purchase forms, online invitations, surveys and polls etc.

For signing up and to find out more information regarding this amazing solution, please visit the link below:

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