Grammar Chic, Inc. Celebrates LinkedIn’s New Stealth Job Search Tools

LinkedIn has introduced a new feature that enables stealth job searching—that is, job searching without the knowledge of a current employer. Grammar Chic, Inc. summarizes this new tool in a statement to the press.

It’s a common conundrum faced by jobseekers: The need to network and meet with recruiters without alerting their current employer. This is known as stealth job searching, and it is necessary for anyone who wants to find a new position without risking an adverse response from their boss. LinkedIn has recently rolled out a new tool that makes stealth job searching easier—and in a new statement to the press, Grammar Chic, Inc. gives the full scoop on this unique feature.

“If your boss thinks you’re looking for a new job, he or she may very well fire you, or punish you in some other capacity,” says Amanda E. Clark, the Chief Executive Officer of Grammar Chic, Inc. “LinkedIn has developed a way to signal to recruiters that you’re interested in a new job without tipping off your current employer—and that’s invaluable.”

The platform is called Open Candidates. “Open Candidates is a new feature that makes it easier to connect with your dream job by privately signaling to recruiters that you’re open to new job opportunities,” LinkedIn explains. “You can specify the types of companies and roles you are most interested in and be easily found by the hundreds of thousands of recruiters who use LinkedIn to find great professional talent.”

But while Open Candidates makes it easier to seek employment on the down-low, it hardly guarantees results. Says one recent Forbes  article, “If you flip the switch on LinkedIn to let recruiters know you’re job-hunting but you don’t hear from recruiters, that’s a signal from Mother Nature. It means your LinkedIn profile isn’t showcasing your talents and experiences as well as it could be.”

Clark agrees. “Open Candidates is incredibly useful for keeping your job search secret, but it doesn’t necessarily make your job search effective. For that, you need a compelling profile.”

LinkedIn profile optimization is one of many career services offered by the Grammar Chic team. “In addition to working with jobseekers on resumes and cover letters, we also help them ensure that their LinkedIn profile summarizes the value they bring to employers, in as clear and compelling a way as possible,” Clark says.

In light of Open Candidates, Clark says LinkedIn profile optimization services, like those offered by Grammar Chic, Inc., are more important than ever. “Now, you can be discovered by recruiters without your current boss finding out—but when that happens, it’s vital that your profile reflect your true worth as an employee,” she notes. “That’s what makes profile optimization a must.”

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