First Kwanzaa now “Seven” for African Americans

WASHINGTON, DC – 5/9/2017 — The cultural movement of black America continues to grow with the new spiritual practice of Seven created by hip hop activist Sean XLG Mitchell.  Seven is a holistic practice that centers on self-development with a cultural foundation as it’s’ base.  Additionally, Seven places emphasis on positive thinking and action, community involvement, along with living a healthy lifestyle.  Sean states “it’s time for us to address the issues affecting the black community.  We can’t talk about healing the racial divide in America until we first heal the race that America divided”.

“The African American Spiritual Practice of Seven” is the title of the book by Sean XLG Mitchell and it immediately grabs your attention with the images of broken chain links on the cover.  Sean explains “the broken chain links signifies the freedom that comes from knowledge of self and a higher level of spiritual awareness”.   On the surface, some may interpret Seven as a socially conscious version of “The Secret”, the bestselling book and film by Rhonda Byrne which became a worldwide phenomenon after a feature on Oprah. Sean adds, “Seven deals with the science of positive thinking but the caveat that separates Seven from The Secret is the cultural centerpiece and the daily commitment”.  

With a background in hip hop, Sean has the backing of several legendary artists who are contributing support to the project: 

“Seven is the most important book for Black America in the Post Obama-Era”. -Damon “Kool Rock” Wimbley of the Fat Boys

“The book is excellent!”- Speech of Arrested Development 

“Who do you know that can’t benefit from living a positive lifestyle, props to Sean XLG”. – Jalil of Whodini

Sean adds “when you look at the National Urban League statistics of black America you come to the realization that we have a lot of work to do.  After analyzing our issues I created Seven as a means of addressing everything from health and faith to education and culture”. 

For a limited time Sean is offering a free copy of Seven to active members in the black community.  To order a free copy email your name and address to ALB Management Group in c/o Chris Howard at

About The Author:
Sean XLG Mitchell is the ultimate Hip Hop activist. Sean has worked extensively in the African American community and is the author of several books to include “Introduction to Ka-Maat” and “Hip Hop Hooray: Celebrating 30 Years of Rap Music.

About The Book:
“The African American Spiritual Practice of Seven: Keys to Ka-Maat; a Lifestyle of Faith, Health, Wealth and Power” by Sean XLG Mitchell is available on (ISBN-13:1545218853)

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