“Woman of God” author’s new inspiring book comes as a “LifeChanger” for many

Popular author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur Christy Sanderson has come up with the 3rd volume of her “Woman of God” series that inspires women to love themselves and stop looking for love in all the wrong places.

Ridgeland, MS – May 9, 2017 – The famous “Woman of God” author Christy Sanderson has recently launched the 3rd volume of her motivating series on Amazon and this time it comes with an even deeper lesson, redefining love in the best possible way! Entitled as “Woman of God: Stop Looking for Love”, the inspiring book teaches women to learn to love themselves and stop looking for love in all the wrong places. Much like the previous 2 volumes, the new piece has already been hailed by the readers with a stellar 5 on 5 stars. 

The book has been launched in both Kindle and Paperback versions. It is published with the help of CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

“This book is a LIFE-CHANGER for me. It has dawned in a new way to look at life for me”, stated one happy reader who share a somewhat similar story with that of the book’s protagonist Adriane. 

“It’s an extraordinary book and fascinates with Christy Sanderson’s signature amazing plot twists and page-turning chapters”, read another happy review.

The book centers around Adriane Haynes, a lovelorn teen in quest of love. Over time she meets Julian who traps her into a relation through a false show of affection. Adriane gives in and thus started the nightmare in her life. Julian was all into using her, controlling her mind and body in the filthiest way possible. Ultimately, after days of physical and emotional abuse, he abandoned her for somebody else. Adriane was devastated and this is when she started on her journey to reach closer to God so that Jesus can guide her on her way to find the true love. She learns that the best way to find the true love she should learn to love herself once again and accept the Almighty as personal savior to find a worthy man. 

“I am thrilled to announce the launch of my new book ‘Woman of God: Stop Looking for Love’. It’s the 3rd volume of my ‘Woman of God’ series which I wrote to motivate all my fellow sisters out there. It has always been my mission to empower women with important life lessons and this time my new book touches on one of the most primal emotions- LOVE. We all are searching for true love in life and the desire to be loved is so strong that at times we are forced to put our faith in wrong people, being bewitched by their sweet words and apparent charisma. But such relationships only leave us with a broken heart, pushing us into the abyss of gloom and depression. However, such things happen because we forget to love ourselves and we tend to depend on others for that love and happiness. My new book is here to redefine the notion of love for better and teaches all women on how to find true love in life by loving oneself”, smiled Christy Sanderson while announcing the launch of her new book.

Popular public speaker, author and a visionary entrepreneur, Christy and her fights against adversity have been a living inspiration for many women out there. A devout Christian, she has fully committed to the Almighty, letting Him take complete control of her life. She is founder of Glory Nation that aims to help women in finding their true purpose in life under God’s guidance so that they can be the person they were actually created to be. 

To grab your copy of “Woman of God: Stop Looking for Love”, visit Amazon. All 3 Volumes are available on Barnes and Noble in hardcovers as well.

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