Keep Shower Essentials In Reach With The Innovative Caddy go-tote

Taking a shower requires a number of different items, and keeping them accessible and organized is a necessity. Here to aid in keeping shower supplies ready and available is the Caddy go-tote.

Many households in the U.S. have at least one bathroom that is shared regularly by multiple people… Whether you have a roommate, live in a college dorm or share your bathroom with family members, there never seems to be enough bathroom space to organize everyone’s personal items neatly and out of sight.

This is why the Caddy go-tote was invented. It’s a simple basket-closet hanger combination which helps you conveniently store and easily carry your personal items in and out of the bathroom. Caddy go-tote holds your personal toiletries in its detachable basket, your washcloth and towel on its innovative new hooks and your robe or pajamas on its stylish hanger. It keeps everything together but with enough space in between your items to allow efficient air drying. And with no need for anyone to leave personal items behind, your bathroom is kept neat and tidy.

Developed along with caddy go-tote’s patent pending design comes a completely new way to fold your towel for maximum air drying efficiency. The “toga fold” allows you to easily hang and unfold your towel like never before. Using Caddy go-tote’s patent pending toga hooks, simple fold your towel in half then fold the outside edges over the hooks creating tabs that you can just pull to release your towel when you need it. It’s easy a, it’s innovative and its helps dry your towel nearly 30% faster than traditional methods.

The caddy go-t tote is made from durable rust resistant steel and its detachable basket is dish washer safe and made of anti-bacterial and recyclable plastic. So it’s environmentally responsible and great for your bathroom space.

With its design and development completed Caddy go-tote is a life hack ready to be used by countless households around the country but not without your help. The team behind this innovative new product has turned to Kickstarter for its crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for production costs.

For more information, visit the Caddy go-tote campaign here.

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