Gorama: The Inspiring Activist Series launches Indiegogo Campaign for Community Support

The Funds Raised will Help 23 Different Charitable Groups & Will Help the Humanity like Never Before!

Gorama has been announced to help the community in several different areas. It is an activist series and a philanthropic dark-comedy with each episode dedicated to raise money and awareness for a particular cause.

The full-length television series will touch upon different issues that people worldwide struggle today and every episode will cover a unique aspect. The markers of this inspiring series have announced to seek public support through Indiegogo and they are welcoming generous donations to this cause.

Overall, Gorama will be helping around 23 different charitable groups. All those who back Gorama through Indiegogo will be helping to support the following causes:

  • Ocean Conservation

  • Public Schools

  • Bee conservancy

  • Clean Air

  • Solar Energy

  • Endangered Animals

  • Poverty struck areas

  • Refugees

  • Woman’s equality

  • Racial equality

“We hope to bring insight into some of the tribulations of today and also give back a physical aid to these groups,” said one of the producers of Gorama while introducing the project. “A portion of each episode’s budget has been allocated to giving back to a specific movements,” he added.

The Indiegogo campaign, located on the web at:

https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gorama-losangeles-environment and it offers several pledges ranging from $1 to $10000. The rewards start from a gratitude by the makers of this series to the paid position of executive producer.

About Gorama

Gorama is an inspiring television series created to support several noble causes. Each episode will have a strong storyline based on real-life social issues and will have a touch of a dark comedy of its own. The producers are seeking public support for this project through Indiegogo and everyone is welcome to back this project and help 23 different charities.

Media Contact
Company Name: Gorama Productions
Contact Person: Jensen Gore
Email: jensengore@gmail.com
Phone: 2015270040
City: Los Angeles
State: California
Country: United States
Website: goramaproductions.com