Introducing TIP, A Nail Polish to Turn Long Nails into Touchscreen Styli

Today, the two fashionable trends of long, gorgeous nails and sleek, modern smartphones have come to a crossroads as long nails cannot trigger touchscreens. Here to resolve this issue is TIP by Tip Cosmetix.

In the modern world, the flip phone has been almost completely eviscerated. In its place is the smartphone, which almost always features a sleek and ultra-thin touchscreen. Thanks to the touchscreen, users can interact with their phones in exciting new ways whether that be through playing mobile games or simply using intuitive gestures to navigate apps. Sadly, a current fashion trend of long, stylish nails conflicts with touchscreens, as nails are not naturally conductive enough to be sensed by a touchscreen. As a result, users with long fingernails or even fingernails that only slightly protrude past the fingers themselves often have trouble typing and carrying out other basic actions on the smartphones that have become so essential to people around the world. To remedy this issue, a new product named TIP, or Touch Integrated Polish, is being produced to allow gorgeous long fingernails to be compatible with the smartphones of today. 

TIP nail polish works by emulating the conductivity of a fingerpad, turning any set of painted nails into precise styli. As a result, the thousands of people who interact with touchscreens on a daily basis will be able to grow their nails out as long as they want while bearing the fabulous color options provided by Tip Cosmetix. What’s more is that because the varnish is designed by professional chemical engineers as well as fashion experts, ensuring that the product is both safe and good-looking. Additionally, the team behind TIP expects nails coated with TIP to be used more often. As a result, TIP nail polish has been designed to be incredibly durable, allowing wearers of TIP to interact with touchscreens without worry of chipping a nail or scratching an elegant design. As an added bonus, the TIP team has created a gel formulation that lasts three times as long as typical nail polish, ensuring both durability and longevity.

Tip Cosmetix envisions both selling this product direct to consumers and to nail salons around the world, making TIP nail polish easy to find. In turn, everyone from fashionistas who will be able to text more easily, to professional presenters, who will be able to draw notes on tablets with the accuracy of a stylus, will benefit from the product.

Sadly, to produce the product to high-quality standards, the TIP team needs funding. To remedy this issue, the team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through the campaign, interested readers can show their support, pre-order bottles of TIP nail polish, and even receive extra goodies like a Milkyway smartphone case. With this support, Tip Cosmetix is excited to be bringing a revolutionary innovation to the world of nail polish.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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