Canyon Rim Dental Salt Lake Provides Dental Education to Local Preschool Children

Salt Lake City, UT – There is more to dental health than just brushing twice a day, but many people do not know as much as they should about their own dental hygiene. The importance of dental health should be taught to everyone and this is especially true for young children who are still developing their healthy habits and learning about healthy habits. Dr. Sam Delahunty, a Salt Lake City dentist, acknowledges this importance and is offering this knowledge to preschool children in the area.

Canyon Rim Dental Salt Lake is a full-service family and cosmetic dentist in Salt Lake City that focuses on providing the best patient experience available. They go out of their way provide personalized, quality dental care and treatment for long-term oral health. With their highly-qualified team, they focus their efforts on their top priority which is their patient’s comfort and safety. As a part of their commitment, they believe in providing their patients, both children and adults, with relevant information about various dental procedures to allow them to make more educated decisions about their oral health so that they can achieve and maintain a beautiful smile and long term dental health.

Oral hygiene is key to keeping a healthy smile. It is important to teach young children the importance of not only brushing their teeth twice a day but that it should be done with a toothpaste that contains fluoride as soon as they are old enough to spit out the toothpaste after brushing. They also need to be taught the significance of flossing, or cleaning between their teeth with some other interdental cleaner. Parents need to understand the importance of replacing their child’s toothbrush every few months and eating a balanced diet. Many children have a fear of the dentist, but with the right education on dental health, they could become excited for their regular dental checkup. Canyon Rim Dental Salt Lake is hoping to address all these issues by working with parents and teachers to help youngsters in better understanding their dental health and educate everyone involved.

Dentistry is an important aspect of everyone’s general health. Canyon Rim Dental understands the significance and strives to put their patients’ needs first by spreading this knowledge to them. The stress of finding a dentist for oneself but also one’s children can be overwhelming. For those looking for a Dentist in Salt Lake City that specializes in cosmetic, general, and family dentistry should consider scheduling an appointment with Canyon Rim Dental.

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