The World’s Most Wanted Innovation, “HubidiCom” A Currents Amplifier Has Been Launched on Indiegogo for Funding, The System for Reducing Electricity Bills on Homes and Biz

Startup and Technology Developer David Lucky (a Biz-Based scientist) launched his campaign on Indiegogo 08.05 – 17.06. 2017 to raise funds to produce the new Revolutionary Innovation on Electric Power Sustainability System “Amplifier Generator”. HubidiCom will be using the currents produce by other Producer to produce the secondary currents that will be supplied to end users Appliance. By so doing reducing the cost and material for producing Electricity, thereby reducing the bills to be paid.

The System; HubidiCom can be used also on any power producing unit e.g. Gas Generator, Hydro Generator, Fuel Generator Wind or solar system so as to make them even more efficient by improving their production and reducing the Material and power needed for producing Electricity on those systems, thereby making them efficient, Sustainable and environmental friendly.

The researcher result on HubidiCom production capability is extremely high due to the technique of Elevator system, Gravitation effect, Hamster wheel, gyroscope and centrifugal force that was applied in developing HubidiCom. But for demonstration Reasons e.g explanation, the Capability is been set at 10watt income to produce 100watt outgoing power.

As we all know, energy cost, especially on Electricity, get higher day after day. No matter how little one intent to use electricity at end of the month the bills still get high. And the people who use Solar plant for supplying energy to their Homes, still need to use Electricity from the power station and pay the bills because the solar plant is inefficient, can not supplier currents on bad weather and in the night. Because there is no sunshine at night.

This is one of the reasons David Lucky develop the HubidiCom so as to significantly contributor in making other Electric Producing unit more efficient. HubidiCom as an Amplifier Adapter is to be applied in between the currents producer and end user. A manipulator, you can call it a multiplication system.

The system of HubidiCom will revival the stage of C02 emission world wild, especially in the developed nations and help the developing nations to achieve a 0 emissions.

In exchange for pledging to the project, Supporters can gain access to a variety of rewards including HubidiCom Demonstration model, Re-modification Solar cells panel for more power, HubidiCom Amplifier to supplies 1500watt, 3000watt, 6000watt or 12000Watts at a cost of 0.11 cent per kWh. A cost below electric power station charges of about 0.28 cent per kWh. The HubidiCom systems Lifetime is about 15 years. The first 4 years will cover the cost of getting.

For more information, please visit the Indiegogo campaign here or contact the creator below. 

Media Contact
Company Name: HubidiCom
Contact Person: David Lucky
Country: United States