China Based Injection Mold Service Provider Sositar Mould co., Limited Employs Multi-Level Quality Inspection

Sositar Mould co., Limited, a leading plastic injection molding service provider from China, recently adopted a multi-level quality inspection procedure to ensure higher value for money for its clients.

Sositar Mould co., Limited, a reputable plastic injection molding service provider from Shenzhen, China, recently employed a multi-level quality inspection procedure. The owners claimed that their quality inspection process starts right at the beginning of each injection molding project and runs parallel to the molding process. At every stage, the China injection mold service provider now consults specialist engineers and their quality inspectors check the integrity of the molds at every stage of the quality inspection process.

The ISO 9001 certified company uses complex tools that are designed and manufactured to deliver excellent value to their end customers. The owners added that they have recruited a few quality inspectors who have got decades of industry experience to put quality above everything else. The injection molding service provider has also embraced latest software technologies to deliver top-notch industry-grade solutions to their clients spread across the globe.

The main quality inspection procedure of Sositar Mould co., Limited starts will mold design control, steel harness assessment and electrode inspection. Core and cavity inspection, steel dimension assessment and mold pre-assembling assessment are also part of the process. The owners also informed that preparing trial reports and collecting and inspecting samples are integral to the QC procedure. Before shipment, a final inspection is conducted by the team of inspectors and the mold package is also thoroughly inspected before shipment or export.

One of the top executives of Sositar Mould co., Limited said that the multi-level inspection procedure would help them in setting their own benchmark and raising the bars for the other injection molding service providers in China and abroad.

“Since 1998, we have been offering plastic molds to diverse industries and currently our manufacturing facility is spread over a few thousand square meters. Of course, building business reputation and increasing export volume required time, but sticking to strict quality parameters helped us more in gaining considerable market reputation. On today’s date, Sositar Mould co., Limited is one of the domestic market leaders and a leading exporter too,” said the CEO and managing director of the company very recently.

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Sositar Mould co., Limited is a China injection mold service provider.

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