Web-Based Airbnb For All Pets\’ For Both B2b Customers And B2c Consumers Launched.

Expanding on the concept of hospitality service online marketplace of AirBnB, a pet loving, Veteran  and entrepreneur Josue Encarnacion has launched a startup that will to serve the same purpose as the famous AirBnB.com model but for pets of all kinds and not just dogs, the online marketplace will be a platform where  both b2b customers and b2c consumers will be able to find profiles of loving pet caretakers, pets sitters, dog groomers and dog walkers. Watch My Bud has made its debut online only recently and has already started building a catalog of listings and members including pet owners and sitters.

As a devoted pet owner, Josue Encarnacion, the founder and owner of Watch My Bud was able to recognize the trouble pets owners face looking for a trustworthy, reliable person to take care of the pet while they are away, “I was a former USAF Raven Sergeant who had to deploy every week, as a Military Air Marshall. My job sometimes took me around the world, and sometimes having a pet or a family to leave behind was very difficult. This proved even more difficult when I had a dog. My dog “Rose” was my best friend, but every time. I had to leave on deployment; I had no one to leave her with. My parents working and with my brother Richard in California. There was no one, besides A Pet kennel.”

Based on the concept of AirBnB, Watch My Bud has been developed by Josue with the help of his brother to serve as a bridge between pet owners and pet caretakers through a web-based system that is easily accessible via all types of web browsers on different smartphones, is simple to use and easy to transact.

For the pet owners Watch My Bud will offer peace of mind when then leave town without having to worry about their precious pet being locked up in a kennel, because they will be able to find pet caretakers by simply entering their zip code and get profiles of a community of loving, five-star-reviewed Buds, they can then schedule and book online, also there is premium host insurance for the pet owner’s ultimate peace of mind. Watch My Bud will also offer an array benefits for the pet service providers that join the platform, the spokesperson for the website said: “Whether you‘re retired, a work-at-home professional, a college student, or just a lifelong animal lover, WatchMyBud makes it easy to earn money watching your family member. As a WatchMyBud Host, you‘re in complete control of your own rates and schedule, with access to 24/7 customer support.”

The entire team at Watch My Bud is made up of animal lovers and specialists.


Vetran owned and opperated, Watch My Bud is a Web-Based System developed to connect pet owners and pet caretakers including pets sitters, groomers and dog walkers.

For more information, please visit: https://www.watchmybud.com/

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