Eversolo Of Zidoo Pledges To Make Sleep Sound Again

USA – Insomnia is a serious medical condition affecting people of all ages and socio-economical backgrounds. Acknowledging the need for a high-tech product which would help the myriads of insomnia sufferers combat this taxing sleep disturbance, Zidoo, the premiere technological solutions company based in Shen Zhen, China, came up with its latest technological innovation: the Eversolo of Zidoo white noise machine.

White noise, which results from the concurrent transmission of all sound frequencies within the human hearing range, has been scientifically proven to aid in achieving restful sleep, regardless of ambient sounds. 

The Eversolo of Zidoo white noise machine utilizes ten, built-in high quality natural sounds, which include those of the ocean; streams; twitter (bird chirping); summer; farm; café; wind; campfire; rain and thunder. Zidoo engineers have ensured that all sounds are transmitted in seamless loops, which guarantee the absence of what would definitely be the sound of sleep-disturbing audio clips.

Featuring Bluetooth 4.1 technology, Eversolo of Zidoo can also be used as a high quality speaker. Pairing with any other device supporting Bluetooth – such as smartphones and/or tablets – within an astounding 66 feet range, the Eversolo of Zidoo allows crystal clear music streaming.

“Creating Eversolo of Zidoo came as a natural move for our company, as we strive to remain at the edge of the full spectrum of technological advancements concerning home consoles” said Zidoo’s media representative. She continued, “We are proud to say that the Eversolo of Zidoo white noise generator is the only sound machine in the world that supports mixing all kinds of sounds. Those using the machine can experiment with combing its built-in sounds to create their custom white noise combinations. This feature provides users with the opportunity to take charge of their sleep regimen and finally get relief from the effects of prolonged sleep deprivation.”

According to the company, the Eversolo of Zidoo white noise generator is also suitable for use for regulating babies’ sleep. As “white noise can help people reduce stress pacify anxiety, fussy and upset”, Eversolo of Zidoo can help babies “sleep and cry less by blocking distractions”, which would otherwise result in them waking up as often as every 20-45 minutes of sleep.

Eversolo of Zidoo will soon be available for purchase on Zidoo’s amazon.com store and website.

To learn more about Eversolo of Zidoo, please visit: https://goo.gl/RBN5F5

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