ProBack Cover – The first and only iPad Pro 12.9’ case that allows users to charge their Apple Pencil and iPad Pro.

The ProBack Cover is now available on Kickstarter and will ship to backers by early June 2017.

DELAWARE – Studio Tika Innovation Inc, a design platform that collaborates with creators in prototyping, scaling, and selling the idea;introduced today their first consumer product for 2017, the ProBack Cover for iPad Pro 12.9’.

The 2015 founded startup, is on their final 10 days raising funds via Kickstarter to finish the development of the first and only case that allows users to charge theirApple Pencil and iPad Pro. The company is set to raise $25,000 for the last stages of production and order fulfillment. Following the anticipation of the Kickstarter campaign, Studio Tika Innovation Inc is set to launch more products invarious categories in the coming year. Upcoming products in the pipeline include wearables, hearables and smart activity devices.

The ProBack Cover originated when avid iPad Pro user and student, Michael Pang was not able to find a portable and convenient solution to protect his iPad Pro together with the Apple Pencil.Lacking the support and expertise in launching consumer products, Michael partnered with Studio Tika Innovation Inc. The ProBack Cover is now ready for final stages of production and manufacturing with a much-anticipated public release scheduled on Kickstarter.

ProBack Features:

  • Seamless Charging: Charge the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro without removing your case.
  • Elegant Mobility – Holds the Apple Pencil anywhere, anytime. 
  • 360° Protection: Home for your Apple Pencil cap and a sleek case for your iPad Pro.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with the Apple smart cover/keyboard.

ProBack Cover Specification:

  • Color: Carbon/Jet Back
  • Charging Technology: TikaLogic
  • Dimensions: 316mm (L)*230mm (W)*130mm (H)
  • Connector: Lightning Port
  • Weight: 60g w/o iPad Pro & Apple Pencil

Company Overview

Studio Tika Innovation was founded in 2015 by four individuals situated in North America and Asia. The founders shared a common goal and vision of creating opportunities for individuals who wanted to propel their dreams into tangible consumer products。

By leveraging their expertise with +50 years of combined experience in product design,engineeringand product commercialization, Studio Tika Innovation is actively seeking to cooperate with individuals in different fields of study and background to promote creativity and innovation within the consumer product space. In return, creator’s profile will be featured in the Kickstarter campaign, product packaging and receive profit-sharing for each successfully commercialized product. 

“We want to invite and listen to creators for inputs in making an idea come true without having themundergo the cost of a crowdfunding campaign.” says Christian Ng, Co-Founder of Studio Tika Innovation. “We strongly believe this unique partnership model will create great incentives for creators, backers, and consumers to grow collectively towards the same goal: Creating the perfect product.”

Media Contact
Company Name: Tika Innovation Inc
Contact Person: Mr. Christian Ng – Co Founder
Phone: (+852) 5689-2966
Country: United States