Chianina Cattle Embryo Transfer Program launched Indiegogo Campaign to Preserve the Beautiful Roman Breed

Tuscany’s Original Italian Breed: Chianina Cattle are the Largest Bovines of the World from Roman Times

Chianina Cattle Embryo Transfer Program has been launched to preserve the beautiful Chianina Cattle. Chianina are the world’s largest bovine that originate in Tuscany, Italy. These beautiful white cows and bulls are pure white in color without any spots or patterns on their skin, which differentiates them from other cattle of their kind. Moreover, they are largest of their kind and produce rich healthy beef when pasture fed.

The scientists behind this preservation program have launched a crowdfunding campaign to restore and multiply the number of this rapidly declining original roman breed in the United States. The campaign to save and multiply Chianina is launched on Indiegogo and everyone is welcome to support it.

“With embryo transfer we increase the genetic pool & improve the quality of life of beef cattle.” Said Dr Daniel Erasmus, the American scientist behind this program. “Chianinas produce larger offspring and with imported Chianina semen from Italy, a success rate of about 60%, with our 3 donor cows, we can produce up to 40 calves over the next 12-24 months, influencing humane beef production.” He added. “Larger Chianina cattle are better at being humanely pasture fed and don’t need to be raised in feedlots.”

Semen of 3 top Chianina bulls from Italy has been imported for this project and the three Chianina cows Miss Casoria, Miss Ventura and Miss Andriana are selected for this program. The primary goal of this transfer program is to increase the Chianina Genetic Pool as quickly as possible.

The Indiegogo campaign is located on the web at:  and those who contribute $250 or higher will get the right to name the calves produced from this program as a reward to their pledge.

About Chianina Cattle Embryo Transfer Program

This program has been started to preserve and reproduce the original Chianina Cattle and bring the people towards the concept of eating humane beef in America. The Chianina breed is the largest of its kind in the world and not only is the animal very beautiful, but the beef produced is also of very high quality. The creators are now seeking public support for this project through Indiegogo and everyone is welcome to support this great initiative.

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