New Email to Text Service Announces Official Release

CHICAGO, IL – 9 May, 2017 – Text Pigeon, an email to text service, announces its official release to consumers. With all of the ways to currently send messages, text messaging is still holding out strong particularly among the millennial age group (18-29). The average number of texts each month sent from that age is group is still around 3,000 – 4,000 messages with no signs of slowing. The only problem with those numbers is that is the older generations (45+) only send a fraction of that number. Many persons included in the older group prefer to use their computer keyboard and email over their cell phones with texting.

The service was created in part to bridge the gap between the two age groups. With Text Pigeon, the person that prefers to send ‘old fashioned emails’ can sit at their computer and keyboard while the person who likes to text with their cell phone will receive clean text messages from a unique phone number created by the service and assigned to the customer.

In addition, businesses have use for such a service when it comes to communicating with employees or contractors who are away from the office. SMS messages can potentially be more reliable in areas with poor internet service, and cell phone users are often alerted when text messages arrive – not always the case when emails arrive. Businesses can keep record of all of the communication right in the same inbox that they use everyday for work emails. This allows the employees in the office to not have to use their personal cellphones to communicate, and the messages are not scattered among multiple services or devices.

There are currently other ways to lookup a carrier specific email address that can be used to send an SMS or text message, but those messages deliver bulky signatures and even previous message history to the cell phone users which can be very confusing. Text Pigeon automatically trims the messages to only include the important message to be sent to the cell user, and it is typically delivered much faster than the special carrier services.

More details and plan information can be found on the Text Pigeon website.

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